Wish The World! Poem by Rebecca Navarre

Wish The World!

Rating: 4.9

Wish the world could say,
no tears today,
doing okay...Lord I pray!
With the sun, feeling fine,
and a peace of mind.
Looking up, looking down,
every where I look, all around,
not one frown.
Count the flowers,
see the dew, everything
fresh and new...
Skies are blue.
And everywhere you find,
smiles warm and kind, even if
Just for a moment in time...
Wish the world could say,
No tears today,
doing Okay...
Lord I Pray!

Sunday, August 28, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: imagery,hope
Kelly Kurt 28 August 2016

A charming and nicely written piece, Rebecca. Thanks

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Rebecca Navarre 05 November 2016

Thank You! Kelly, You Are An Incredible Writer! ! ! Many Blessings! ! !

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Shabati Dokyu 31 August 2016

Wow such a positive tone in a poem. This piece has made my day already

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Rebecca Navarre 06 November 2016

Thank You! Shabati, For Your Very Kind Response! I Look Forward To Reading Your Writings As Well! ! ! Sorry So Slow to respond! missed a few..Many Blessings! ! !

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Khaled Ehtesham 28 August 2016

this is so calm and inspiring poem.. i like it you should write more in this site

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Anjandev Roy 19 July 2023

Sublime piece.....like it very much....thanks for sharing...

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Rob Lamberton 30 January 2023

I hope you have that kind of day! ! Great prayer! !

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Susan Williams 30 January 2023

you are God's poetess and we at PH are all the better for it--you guide us to rest in God's love--- a million trillion God-made stars for this comforting poem

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Sylvia Frances Chan 04 November 2021

A most inspiring poem, dearest Becca! Each time I read this amazing poem, I get another response in my mind. A very uplifting poem I so adored 5 Stars fullest!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 04 November 2021

A brilliant poem with the charms I so admired. Thank you so much for sharing this loveliest Prayer Poem 5 Stars fullest

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