You Bloom In Me Oh Good Prophet! ! Poem by Rhymer Rhymer

You Bloom In Me Oh Good Prophet! !

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Then give the soul to me oh follower
Slumber needs to be controlled
Food needs to be less necessarily
Make lesser sex with the mate
Now apply your will power freely
Food isn't equal for all
Some need very scanty amount
Some don't need food material like earthen
Some need one loaf....

"Bloom the inspiration given to you
That great power zibril amin penetrated into my chest"

How I can be like you?
Then do meditation and receive the inspiration to bloom in
the breast
What the small child know about electrical power
When he turns on the switch light grows?
Right like this sort sit for the lesson:
Sit for zikir with meditation! !
One day all will boom within the EARTHEN WALL of YOU! !

"I am the religion
Great inspiration
From natural restlessness/pulls of nafs/((fire air water or soil that pulls us as body constituents by giving their NATURE))
I can give resolution"

The network of fire water air and soil
I can break the network to give humanity
And it comes by patience
And it comes by gratitudes
And it comes by proper consideration
And it becomes materialized by resolution! !
Your faith becomes the character:
In such stage you never take excuses to society or religion
In such a thing you never such glad to overjoy
In such character you always agree on and on
In such character you say all praises are for GOD! !

"Which group are you belong to? "
"My group indulge in rules/shariat and subtlety/ maarifah
Here you see 4 imaams of 4 philosophies
In this group there are 10 mohashshara
It was the practices of ahli bayaat/close relatives
All naabis/messengers and rasuls/got religious full books did this exercise
These are my forgiven group
They practice knowledge of shariah/rule for created world and maarifah/subtle rule"

"15 of years what did i meditate in hira cave?
what zibril amin gave to me?
in shape a human but acquiring creative power/power of god
To a barbar race i was sent to humanize them
that the khalifa of rashidin acqiered too
that the ahli bayat/family members/ very close ones got too
that the asharayi mubashaara got too
and also remember them the ahli suffah
taking the god like power they are my group
and all others are 72 diverted!
they have living qalb/liiving heart
they are powerful with tawazzu/god power
they are welversed in open knowledge or hidden knowledge
and the illiteracy of them who read the hadis but don't like or practice"

what abu huriarah spoke:
"I got two study from rasul sm/ muhammad pbuh that One i opened it. the other if i open i will BE beheaded(by illiterate people as they don't know so can't tolerated them))"
and THE BLESSED one is purified by both two studies not by one
ilmi shoriat purify the outer
ilmi maarifah purify the the inner store of knowledge
all prophets have shoriah and some part of it is mansukh/restricted/exceptioned
but all have the same maarifah! !

You Bloom In Me Oh Good Prophet! !
Mahtab Bangalee 06 August 2019

Ma'rifat Man A'rafa Naf-sahu Fa-ka'd A'rafa Rabbahu Know thyself the great chapter of spirituality yeah; every great walks on this lessons purely and acquires it entirely......../////

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Rus Mer 11 August 2019

thank you so much for peeping the window

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Chinedu Dike 05 August 2019

Well articulated and nicely brought forth with clarity of thought and mind. A witty creation written with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing.

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Rus Mer 05 August 2019

thank you very much for reading it with patience

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Rhymer Rhymer

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