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The music lilts
Five notes - butterflies utter

A gyre brims tears

Tinkled – the Sundays’ bells
Brought by the wings

Flown beyond the dodge palace

# 1

Neurones light taught
Even they carry stress


Flitting over woes
While eyes

Dying my years
Cramped into tears
Words gone be etched

Flush the fledglings’ stench
Before the sun runs
After day dies.

Tinkling milliard of ions
In slow motion into my
Synapses canal that

My mind dives

Pearl reflects

Wobbles like sneaks.
Some are too gay looking
To be real
Like images we can see these days on store’ windows at Robson Street.

13 French Poems
Dit ton aiguille
A ceux qui sont long.

ma gloire, Saint Ode.

Mayakovski hauls a yodel
Into a mold and
Melts its sound

Le dernier souper.

Elle venait seule me visiter un soir de printemps. Le ciel était sans nuages. L’odeur des bourgeons sur les arbres longeant la rue Robson enivrait la nuit de ses parfums d’avril. Elle m’offrait, en ouvrant la porte pour l’accueillir, un bouquet de fleurs variées qu’elle portait sur le bras gauche et dont le parfum me piquait les narines. J’en ai fait deux bouquets, isolant ceux dont je fus allergique et les plaça l’un dans le pot prés de la fenêtre qui donne sur Robson et l’autre sur la petite table de la salle de bain, en prenant soins de bien fermer la porte, avec l’idée de les jeter a son départ.

Bodies ensure facts

Suddenly a void
The deep and profound moan

-Crass Casualty obstructs the sun and rain…
Thomas Hardy (Hap)

The sky changes gray.
Heavy clouds move faster and stop the sun to shine.
glaucous gulls straggle with wind’s blow
find their trend over the waves

The light getting brighter
Over the
9th century memory
While phantoms attire

A ripple swoops
On her necked body
Lilts into her ears
A gooey hymn

Roland Bastien Biography

Roland Bastien is a multimedia artist, composer (new music) and poet. He started his career in Montreal's Avant-Garde scene in 1979. His works were performed at Tangente Danse Actuelle, vehicule-Art, the temples for new ideas in performance at the time, also Vancouver (Western front) , Toronto, (PowerPlant) New-York and Italy (Venice, Milano) . In the 80's, he collaborated with Janitor Animated, a progressive punk group and created two multimedia and text performances: Post-Nuclear and Coyote. He also performed at York Gallery in Toronto (music tape, texts and clarinet) a multimedia show. In the 90's, he collaborated with Asian artists, Marilou Esguerra, Chiwen Liu and Eileen Kage in three major multimedia performances in Vancouver. We performed Taras at Western front in Vancouver - Poems for a new Metrical patterns at Tom Lee Academy Of Music and Unborn Music (1999) at Western front in Vancouver. As a Pianist, he collaborated with Vietnamese multi-instrumentalist Ngoc Bich, percussionist Joseph Pepe Danza, Lan Tung (Chinese fiddle) , the master of Zheng: Mei Han, a Korean Kayagum master: Jung Ae Lee, Coat Cooke, Clyde Reed (multi-instrumentalists and Dylan Van Der Schyff percussionist. As a composer, they have certified his chamber music score 'Les arbres en fleurs ' as a finalist at the Elisabeth Schneider Foundation in Germany in 2000. He wrote 75 chamber music scores,100 Piano solo scores and several patterns of computer generated music. He just finished a manuscript of 350 pages: Silent taught, copyrighted 1022610. He won the overall prize in February 2006 at The fourth International poetry Competition for his poem 'Mother'. He has been nominated Poetry Ambassador by the National Poetry Month Committee 2006. The international library of poetry has published his poems in two books: Who's Who in poetry in 2004 and The best poets in 2004. In 2005, Masque publishing in England, in their Decanto Poetry Magazine has published his poems in their April 16th issue and October 19th issue. The American Poets Society has published his poems in Reflections, a compilation ISBN 0-9743429-6-3 He lives and works in Vancouver, Canada email: Links http: // http: // articleId=281474976854361 http: // iProjectID=11969 http: // http: //

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The music lilts
Five notes - butterflies utter

A gyre brims tears
Over flowers rim

An empty shed
Twinkles - birds peer at the light

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Roland Bastien Popularity

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