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Caramel skin
with traces of maple,
Gluttonous sin
made of cherries and mango,

So easily I trust
letting my petals drop,
leaving me so vulnerable
and you so deplorable,

vampire is
not evil, just hungry
for a lover with brown curls who will

My eternal pursuit of pain-avoidance
ultimately leads
to replacing one hurt with another.


This grief made me a promise
that it would never let me go
and it's proving faithful
as I've been wandering around

Breathe in the crisp air
of a new born day, infinite with
possibilities to fall in love
with morning birdsong and

But stay with me as I try to convey this feeling.

This innate longing,
momentarily subdued
by first loves
and psychedelic drugs,

Lost cause or just worn down?
No wonder so many are sad
when this body is built to contain
stars on the brink of explosion.

Searching for
the kindest one
to take care of
this battered heart

Ruth Boukhari Biography

Ruth's prowess for writing came from many a moonlit rendezvous with her imagination and mastering the art of creative writing at the University of Sydney, Australia. Not content with just writing her mythological characters, she moved onto film school where she dabbled in producing and finally had one of her short scripts produced. From there she became an optioned screenwriter and published poet with her work appearing in numerous literary anthologies and ultimately culminating in the release of her first ever book of poetry, ‘Forlorn', published by Austin Macauley Publishers in 2021.)

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Sweet Tongue

Caramel skin
with traces of maple,
Gluttonous sin
made of cherries and mango,
Belgian choc,
cream of coconut,
Of you I'll swallow

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