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ryan dainiel brown Poems

1. Back Again 12/10/2010
2. Silence 12/10/2010
3. The Stars 12/10/2010
4. Sleepless Nights 12/10/2010
5. Happy, Sad 12/10/2010
6. The Hunt 12/10/2010
7. Curse Love 12/10/2010
8. The Island 12/10/2010
9. Will You? 12/10/2010
10. In And Quickly Out 12/10/2010
11. The Second Eden 12/10/2010
12. They Say 12/10/2010
13. My Worst Enemy 12/10/2010
14. The Retreat 12/10/2010
15. Missing 12/10/2010
16. Blind Eyes 12/10/2010
17. World's Greatest Threat 12/10/2010
18. The Finale 12/10/2010
19. Round After Round 12/10/2010
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Nights pacing
Path worn into tile
Waiting helplessly for her call
Silence remains unbroken

I have gone crazy
Insane to see her face
Beautiful and toxic
Her touch deadly

Her voice remains
Haunting my soul
Piercing with delight
I have become a shell

The darkness, my domain
I walk within the shadows
Masking my pain
Yet still I fail

Unfinished letters
Waste along the floors
Crumpled and torn
Useless words to be forgotten

Hate and rage
All woven into words
Her heart broken before me
Regret and self hate ...

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Sleepless Nights

Thrashing about
Reaching out
Searching for peace
To calm the storm

She cuts through my mind
Destroying my walls
Every defense
Worse than before

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