Michael Jackson..... Across The Race! 27, June. Poem by saadat tahir

Michael Jackson..... Across The Race! 27, June.

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Invented themes neat and nifty.
Shone as a star from five to fifty.

Enigma rolled in a twisted quiz.
Doubtless pinnacle of his buiz.

Here and now built never land.
And in realms was blown to sand.

Invented he an ethereal walk.
As if was doing a moon stalk.

Was so concerned for the bays.
Danced in a blur like laser rays.

To history inscribed a mega note,
and wished his-story to be afloat.

Clutching crotch, world he thrust.
And lived a life of best and bust.

At his finest in the milling melee.
World he buzzed at Mach three.

Months he spent with a chimp.
Dangled kid from a balcony, limp.

Existed weird; in a fantasy fuzz.
Appeared oblivious to the buzz.

Loathed focus on bizarre tussles.
Hated taunted autograph rustles.

Smooched and patted robo-stuff.
Did every doctor’s knife and snuff.

Built he castles, whatever it took.
Alone in a room, he oddly shook.

Across the race strange forays.
switch to roles in foreplays.

Got in trouble with the law.
and also with the kids a flaw.

In hall of fame a foot print burned.
A page of history has been turned.

(June 25,2009)

Sandra Martyres 09 July 2009

Very witty and well composed stanzas Saadat...great write 10

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Luwi Habte 10 July 2009

oh boy, this is a great description in ur dialect and so... well done..ever best poem for MJ great!

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Kesav Easwaran 10 July 2009

good tribute you pay there to the deceased celebrity singer...well formatted lines Saadat...rhymes galore! 10

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Noel Horlanda 13 July 2009

Applause...applause! I was awed, a wonderful tribute to the King, well described his great and troubled life, it's all there. The King couldn't deny what you have written about him. Oh...I nearly forgot the rhyming, you're good at it, mate.Well done...thanks

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Ritty Patnaik 16 July 2009

beautifull piece of work dedicated to michael jackson.impressed! best wishes ritty

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Bri Edwards 09 October 2018

(cont.) Did every doctor’s knife and snuff....yes, his nose! and his skin color! well, more mystery with the skin. but it was his body, and it sure didn't decrease his talent. The Race? race as in competition or as in 'color of skin and shape of nose'? ? or both? ? thanks for the memories brought back with a fantastic poem! ! ! :) to MyPoemList and into a future showcase (of poems by PH members) on my PH site. THANKS! and i like the rhyming! ! bri :)

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Bri Edwards 09 October 2018

(cont.) Clutching crotch, world he thrust. not would? ? he learned the crotch clutch from me. the moon walk from a U.S. astronaut. Though some people don't believe men ever touched the moon's surface, the MJ moonwalk touched something in many of us; even i tried to do it. maybe i need a hat? Dangled kid from a balcony, limp. wow, i remember THAT! ! ! was it for fun or publicity? it sure got noticed! ! ! (cont.) (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 09 October 2018

And in realms was blown to sand. ? i'd be guessing, but some of your references i understand. Neverland (never land) , named for fictional land in story Peter Pan. his ranch. concerned for the bays? or boys? really, we'll NEVER know! (for sure) as when U.S. President Kennedy was shot, i remember where i was and what i was doing when i heard of MJs death. (cont.)

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Cheryl Tutaan 07 August 2017

Truly a remarkable write and the writer as well, I love the King of Pop... thank you so much for sharing, Saadat...A plus 10! Cheryl

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Jasbir Chatterjee 11 February 2017

very aptly put, nice poem...

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