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Life is like a Rugby game,
You must play it as a team.
It's not about who's got the ball,
But how you win your dream.

If my body was a car,
I'd trade it in for a newer model.
For I think I need a towbar,
From the dents I've endured in battle.

I cannot understand this weather,
Or know just what to wear,
The weather man said it'll rain today,
But outside it looks quite fair.

Mothers are like teabags,
We are powerful to soothe.
Our children give us reason to brag,
From their birth right through their youth.

Our life is like a loaf of bread,
Soft, yet hard and crusty,
Bread is best baked to be shared,
We're born to feed the hungry.

I live in God's Garden
I am sometimes green or brown
But with God as my Gardener
I know I won't be cut down

Tossing, turning, cannot sleep
Leg in, leg out, too hot, too cold,
Turn the pillow, just right.
Brain churning, cannot stop

There are many things that make me angry,
Like seeing innocent children die hungry,
Or when good people are treated badly,
And court judgements are won falsely,

It keeps me sane and calm,
I use it to keep me grounded,
And draw strength from all the Psalms.
My hope is based on God's love for me,

Life is one long journey
That travels to and fro,
And when I give God the glory,
I know which way to go.

it's hereditary - as for me and my family,
it saves you from insanity,
it gives your life more dignity,
it offers you visibility,

Do you know the different languages
That speak of love so true?
The kind you show to others and
The one that's shown to you.

When life's become too tough,
and you don't think that you can cope,
When you've had just about enough,
And you're losing all your hope...

Arise, Scotland, Arise!
Awaken from your slumber,
Stop your slow demise,
And restore this land of plunder.

Praise God for motherhood,
Even though it's tough,
For all the days, both bad and good,
And when you've had enough.

Proverbs 18: 8 - Gossip is so tasty—how we love to swallow it.

Gossip is like chocolate,
So tasty, costly and delicious.
Eating it can become a habit,
But the effects can be quite vicious.

S is for shortbread and smoked salmon treats,
C is for Clans in their Castles with peat,
O is for oatcakes and oatmeal to eat
T is for Thistles and Tartan elite,

Who is that man with the great big hat,
Who lives down Hunter's Lane,
Who whistles a tune as he walks,
As if he were insane?


DSS, this country's in a mess,
Don't you think it's time,
To own up and confess.
It's time you towed the line.

I took my human for a walk,
The man with the great big hat.
But he kept stopping me to talk,
Or just watched me as he sat.

Samantha Wallace Biography

I am a South African mum to my 8yr old daughter, currently living in Scotland. I've been happily married for 18 years and am proud to call myself a devoted child of God. I believe God often inspires me to write poems that bring out the spiritual from the natural.)

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Life Is Like A Rugby Game

Life is like a Rugby game,
You must play it as a team.
It's not about who's got the ball,
But how you win your dream.

We all have our special talents,
That contributes our part.
So to score a try or drop-kick,
We must play our best to start.

We can't get weary or give up,
Don't loose sight of the ball,
Play your best to win that Cup,
And let the line-outs make you tall.

God is our Head Referee,
But never makes mistakes.
He alerts us of our penalties,
And lets us do retakes.

So play by His Book of rules,
Even if they're hard to fathom.
They are in fact, the treasured jewels,
That gives the game its rhythm.

Our Church leaders at the sides,
Help us see our many faults.
All our fouls we try to hide,
And the opponents we insult.

Let your Church be your medic,
To help heal you of your hurts.
They can fix your many problems,
And give you water when you thirst.

So engage your tackles and your scrums,
With truth and dignity.
Protect your weaknesses and gums,
And obey your Referree.

Your family and your friends,
Should cheer you from the side.
Showering you with praises,
But disappointments they must hide.

And when you've got the ball,
You must see if there's a gap.
And if there's not, just pass it on,
Don't let selfishness be your trap.

Don't let distractions obstruct your view,
From playing to the end.
Watch your every blind-side,
And be there to defend.

There's no such thing as luck,
The game's been set in stone,
But you decide which team to ruck,
For you don't play the game alone!

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