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Life Is Like A Rugby Game

Life is like a Rugby game,
You must play it as a team.
It's not about who's got the ball,
But how you win your dream.

If My Body Was A Car

If my body was a car,
I'd trade it in for a newer model.
For I think I need a towbar,
From the dents I've endured in battle.

Whatever The Weather

I cannot understand this weather,
Or know just what to wear,
The weather man said it'll rain today,
But outside it looks quite fair.

Mothers Are Like Teabags

Mothers are like teabags,
We are powerful to soothe.
Our children give us reason to brag,
From their birth right through their youth.

Life Is Like A Loaf Of Bread

Our life is like a loaf of bread,
Soft, yet hard and crusty,
Bread is best baked to be shared,
We're born to feed the hungry.

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I am a South African mum to my 8yr old daughter, currently living in Scotland. I've been happily married for 18 years and am proud to call myself a devoted child of God. I believe God often inspires me to write poems that bring out the spiritual from the natural.

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