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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder,
but what do we aquire when all there is
in this world, is ignorance?

Your love is like a fire
that has lit my blackened path,
Before I met you I had grown tired
of waiting for life to end its wrath.

I wish this life had offered you more
as you slowly had aged.
Even though I was young,
I felt the heartache and

My eyes burn from exhaustion,
as my body refuses to physically
equip my whims to move around.

you're bringing me down in pain
I'm screaming your name in vain

The grass melted
as the sea bled
into the sky

Psychology is my passion
as the brain continues to grow,
learning human behavior is just a fraction
of what we could really know.

On some of my lonely days,
I remember what use to be
as I look at my reflection in the mirror.

To the stars I see
I make just one wish,

For happiness to penetrate

The blades of the fan rotate in sync
with the clicking hands on the clock,
The atmosphere silenced so quickly
you could of heard a pin if it had been dropped,

Oh, Beautiful butterfly lying on the cement,
what had happened when I was not present?
Your family and friends have been searching
but you are nowhere to be found

I took a breath
and said my goodbyes,
Turned around
and ignored the lies,

As long as I can make a difference in the lives of those that I touch,
the pain from my past can never touch me.
I will fill the hole others tore into my heart,
with love

How does a parent not notice
over a duration of four years
that their child
is caught in a black hole.

I feel my heart beginning to bleed again,
as the emotions wash over me
erasing the smile I had placed.

The blood drips like wax,

The sorrow and burdens
one keeps inside
may never be known to others.

A heaviness overcomes my heart
causing my mind to wander.
I feel the need to stay strong
but my burdens cause my body to quiver.

Following the path she had believed to be correct
manipulated into its beauty, it seemed to be perfect..
but along the way acid rain began to pour
deteriorating everything she had known

You hung me out to dry
as I had no tears left to fall.

I felt abandoned and unloved

I shuttered
as you began to mutter
to yourself
knowing exactly what would happen next.

Sara Hol Biography

Poetry has always been an extreme love of mine, since I was young. When I could not express myself verbally or physically, the words flowed easily and naturally with any creative writes I had. Some of my poems date back to when I was eleven, until the age of seventeen. I believe all poetry, no matter the writing style, is the creative and discreet view we have into a person's soul. Something that lingers beneath the surface, that you cannot see but feel when you read their work.)

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The World's Ignorance

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder,
but what do we aquire when all there is
in this world, is ignorance?

Selfish reasonings, False belongings,
Empty regrets, False pretense...

Mourning our nurtured and spoiled souls
while those who have lost so much
make the means of day more worth living.

Lonliness succombs to habit,
Habit succombs to fear,
Fear succombs to enclosed tombs,
as enclosed tombs become
our destiny,
our routine.

We love not without fear
instilled with so much fear
that we do not realize the special gift
we have received,
but take it for granted.

We laugh not without restraints
instilled with so many restraints
that we do not enjoy the moment
but regret not harvesting the moment
after it has occured.

The beauty that lives inside each and every one of us
is trapped beneath a sheet of glass
lined with silver and gold,
lying dormant in the soul
to which we do not reach
until our lives are fatally about to end.

The end arrives and we are submerged
into the black we had allowed to lead our lives,
while the happiness is now only but a dream
we wish we could grasp.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder,
but what happens when our lives are lead by black,
the beauty slowly dying..
becomming but a dream?

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