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I Am Sorry Pakistan On 14th August, Independence Day

You gave me so much,
But I gave you nothing but pain.
You gave me the freedom I yearned,
But in return I bind you in chains.

The Saddest Poem Ever...

On a wrinkled piece of paper,

I lay in extreme centre.

Woman: An Article Of Trade

My body and soul has repeatedly been used, abused,
and thrown away as trash.
On that far corner, She cries softly over my ruined body,
not knowing that, I also bleed in pain.

As I Gaze Upon The World

Whenever I see the world around me
I see the terrible sights around me
I see children working around me
I see people, starving to death around me

As Tear Prick My Eyes

As tears prick my eyes,
I hold down my cries.
Things that I fear,
Have atlas come so near.

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rooba royale 10 August 2011

intellignt brains my frnd... <3 nice poems n story...: P u alyz hd it in u

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Rafiq Sandeelvi 10 August 2011

Young brains have a fresh energy if they utilize it.I appreciate that you are utilizing your energy to create poetry in younger age..Hope it ll help to trace the meanings of your existence in this world. You are a good poetess.If reader try he can enter into your river of vivid expressions, view a tide of sadness and grief of woman existence in your poems and easily unfold the hidden incident or sensitive turn in your life overwhelming your soul, body and mind...but in my opinion reader should not completely relate your poetry with biographical back ground and not consider you as first person singular or protagonist of your poems...No doubt sorrows of woman are vast but she has many faces and inner worlds you can depict in your poetry.Hope you ll explore new windows in future.

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