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As I Gaze Upon The World

Rating: 4.8

Whenever I see the world around me
I see the terrible sights around me
I see children working around me
I see people, starving to death around me
I see burnt houses around me
But I can't do anything to stop this around me
Most importantly I see people
Crying for peace around me
As I raise my voice for plea
Is there anyone to bring equality?

People are begging for tranquility
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Shamin Shah 04 August 2011

Thanks Aqeb and Abdallah

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Abdallah Gamal 04 August 2011

Excellent, , well crafted written poem, , yes all what we need is peace for all nations, , again strong poem of strong feelings of struggle, , keep the good work up and go on :) rated 10++++

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Aqeb Benazir 03 August 2011

Superb...The context is well penned, your ideology and the build-up from 'As I raise my voice for plea' is Awe-inspiring! nicely Illustrated. 10/10!

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Saleha 26 October 2018

Wonderful and amazing

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 21 October 2013

An excellent ghazal like poem, i want to write ghazals too someday, hardhittin sadenin images here u hav portrayd! Such a wondrful poem. Pls coment my latest, a statue of lib poem.

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Shahzia Batool 20 December 2011

love for one and love for all: -) universal msg...nice job

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Luwi Habte 05 December 2011

Oh very true...you explain what we need, , , thats all true..i like this poem...well done Shamin

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Duke Perry Abrokwa 10 October 2011

i vote 4 dis poem truly the world we can change it not only true our words buh we need to prove this even through our works

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