As Tear Prick My Eyes Poem by Shamin Bashir Shah

As Tear Prick My Eyes

Rating: 3.8

As tears prick my eyes,
I hold down my cries.
Things that I fear,
Have atlas come so near.
I wish he would care,
Of my love so pure and fair.
I hope he never dares,
To cheat with any other girl again.
I wish he would have cleared,
That we were no good pairs.
When I was not here,
With another girl he had an affair.
I wish I would never care.
As tears prick my eyes,
I hold down my cries……..

Luwi Habte 15 August 2009

well written sweet cutie nice peom Luwi

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Shamin Shah 15 August 2009

Thank you Sir Afzal for such nice and encouraging comments. May Allah bless you. Best Wishes for future shamin

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Jazib Kamalvi 15 September 2017

A refined poetic imagination, Shamin. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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Sadiqullah Khan 16 August 2011

Very good, pure and simple.10

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Vanessa Hughes 06 August 2011

Don't hold back the tears, crying helps you heal. Hope you soon fall for someone who makes you happy! Enjoyed your poem. Nessy x

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Shamin Shah 04 August 2011

Thank you Abdallah..your comment cracked a smile on my face.: D

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Abdallah Gamal 04 August 2011

wo0o0o0ow what a lovely poem, , but I think it isn't a poem it's a fabulous song, , in my opinion u've to give it to Rihanna and it will break the all records :) nice poem, , rated 10++

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