Shahzia Batool Poems

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If God Sends My Maa For A While!

I shall lay my head on her knees
Believing that God must have cured her arthritic joints in heaven,
Then she will brush my hair with her fingers
And I shall tell her all my soul suffered from;

(anti-) Ageing!

A gentle soul once asked me here
to delete my Age and edit profile
I read it and just passed a smile
I do respect her but I ask:


I got a chance to meet You
in the feel of a moment
gripped in the crystalline abstraction
of a diamond bonding…

A Child's Supplication!

O Maker of this universe! ! ! ! !
Sought in silence, prose and verse!

Teach me Lord to sing Thy Praise

Signing Out!

When I shall cease to breathe the vital air

The news will spread like a wild fire

X - Ray

Whatever on your page
whenever I just read
there surely find a sage
who has a moral creed

Million Daffodils

My vision is the azure sky
And dreams are Paradise
My dwelling is behind the wall
I’m hidden to probing eyes

A Poem... By Ramesh Rai!

Life cannot be scribed into words
Or else I would shift the whole of it
By my pen on the paper
Then I would sign it, and say

Amma K Naam...! ! ! (Urdu)

Janay kiskis tarha mushkil se sambhala mujh ko!
Meri maa tu ne boht pyar se paala mujh ko......!

Apne kirdar se, guftaar se taaleem kia

My Scattered Thoughts I

Did I ever say I'm always right when I never was?

Should I blame others when I could not understand myself?

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