Signing Out! Poem by Shahzia Batool

Signing Out!

Rating: 4.4

When I shall cease to breathe the vital air

The news will spread like a wild fire

In my limited circle where a very few people know me

Some of my folks will be busy receiving calls

The others dialing

Some elderly ones will check all the drawers are safely locked up

Some young ones will pick up my scattered books from my bed

It will be checked whether money enough is there

Or it will be withdrawn from the bank

for all the expected arrangements

People will work all with teary eyes

Some will ask for the time of the rites

All furniture will be set aside or removed for flooring

The work will be done

punctuated by the occasional sounds of cries

mute and quiet, sobs and sighs

rising loud when some new visitor arrives

at hearing the news of the sad demise

The sis will not be informed of all this

She’ll get to know something amiss

When she’ll come and find the Gate open, and meet

the people standing in the street

She’ll come addressing me aloud

I’ll hear her

Though won’t be able to reply from the shroud

My siblings will be hugged and consoled by some

All, even the angry kin will come

In the other room

Some distant neighbors will start counting beads

For me to take with me in the long journey

When that time will come

Rendering me quiet and dumb

I shall be unable to care for my backlog, as I daily do

To complete my half-done write

To cover the Topic I started teaching in the class

To ask for the forgiveness if ever I spoke so harsh

For not keeping my word

For carrying sins of omission and commission

So if you kindly read it till the end

And do not shun this write

By merely reading the first line

Forgive me all my foolish things

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Whenever I work on my PC, I keep

All my regular Tabs open for the next joining in, but

tonight as these thoughts are not away from my mind

Tonight out of some uncertain fear I’m signing out of all the Tabs! ! !

Here’s a reply to the messages received, but before that my vote of thanks on all the comments here on all my Poems by the respected poets here on Poemhunter...thank you so much for the kindness for which I am unable to reciprocate fully…and thank you Paul Fried for the guidance I have been receiving from you, Rory Hudson whose criticism is crisp and to the point always, Parul Rastogi, Jennifer walls, Neelam Chandra, Abhishek Tiwari, Don Ketchy, Poet’s Fan and Suhana Shah…the poets/the readers from outside the active PH scene…you people encourage me a lot.The poem has a narrow focus on Death as a frequently discussed topic, and there is no death wish in particular. Signing out does not mean the exit from the world but signing out of the if the Time comes, sooner or later, will it give a chance to shut down and sign out in a proper fashion? I thank you again for the kindness received.
Queeny Gona 05 October 2013

Very few has the boldness to speak of or talk about one's own demise...... It is never a pleasurable event to jot on henceforth many wouldn't do so. Unlike you have the courage to foresee the inevitable truth!

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Valsa George 05 October 2013

Shahzia, it is not yet time to sign out! When one broods over one's parting from the world, it is an indication that she/he is going to have long years ahead! Nevertheless a wonderful write! I can imagine the shock of everyone to see you lying in state... especially your sister's... (not serious! !)

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Marvin Brato 10 October 2013

Meaningful write, truly expressive of the real world and interaction we have with the environment!

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 04 October 2013

I shall be unable to care for my backlog, as I daily do To complete my half-done write Death is inevitable truth. Let there be nothing left undone at the end. Only way to ensure it is to keep up to date every day, every moment. Close the tabs. It is difficult to do. Maybe God has to wait if something is left undone. Beautiful poem. Thank you.

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Yasmin Khan 03 October 2013

Death is a reality as big as life and a subject dealt by many great masters. ''Thou know'st 'tis common; all that lives must die, Passing through nature to eternity.'' ''Dar'st thou die? The sense of death is most in apprehension; And the poor beetle that we tread upon, In corporal sufferance feels a pang as great As when a giant dies.'' (Shakespeare) Hence pangs of death are felt by every living creature. You have depicted the scene after death very realistically what we've been observing throughout our life. Each line is profound and thoughtful. Ah! 'signing out of all the tabs'.......because we don't want to share our solitude even after death. It's a thought-provoking write, dear pal. (I often think who will tell my internet friends that I'm no more in the world now) I wish you a long, happy life.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 October 2015

When I shall cease to breathe the vital air The news will spread like a wild fire...What an amazing expression really. this amazes mind....10

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Sun Shine 09 February 2014

heart-touching write ... !

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Khairul Ahsan 30 November 2013

A beautiful poem reflecting sad thoughts. Deserves 10/10! A friend of mine passed away about two years ago. I still visit his Facebook page and read/write comments, knowing fully well that he is no more. Your depiction of the after death scenario is picture perfect! Got a lump in my throat and had to stop several times before reaching the end. 'Tonight out of some uncertain fear I’m signing out of all the Tabs! ! ! ' Says a lot, but may the fear be unfounded!

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Geetha Jayakumar 21 November 2013

Beautiful poem Shahzia. Death is unavoidable. Meaningful write again from your pen. I am just wondering when you will be signing in?

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Amitava Sur 07 November 2013

a very realistic elaboration of a situation after death. Very true, but before it occurs, many things, many more writings are still remaining for others to read & enjoy......

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