A Child's Supplication! Poem by Shahzia Batool

A Child's Supplication!

Rating: 4.7

O Maker of this universe! ! ! ! !
Sought in silence, prose and verse!

Teach me Lord to sing Thy Praise
On strings of these my humble lays

O Knower of all black and white
Pour on us Thy heaven's light

Thou knowst our deep folds and layers
Unto Thee I send my prayers

Bless the sick with healthy life
Help the ones who are in strife

Grow us strong to serve the nation
with progress, peace and education

Ignorance sweeps us with its might
Help us remove it by our light

Leave us not our Gracious God
Save us from all evils odd

Grace our minds with blessings Thine
We wish to stay forever Thine

Desert us not, O worthy Lord
The path is thorny and so broad

Our hands are seeking for Thy mercy
Bless us withThy boundless mercy

Bless my parents and my teachers
Friends and siblings, all Thy creatures!

Ameen! ! !


Professor Shakeel Amjad sb,
The University Of The PUNJAB, Lahore...
Indira Babbellapati 07 May 2013

Amen :) :) :) :) ......

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Wahab Abdul 07 May 2013

nice one..and a nice prayer for us all....

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Yasmin Khan 07 May 2013

It's an innocent prayer by a naive soul. trust in God and words of prayers sustain us in worst moments of life. I like it's candid diction.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 07 May 2013

A lovely invocation poem! So nice to read. Sent u mail, glad i can see yor page now.

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Bri Edwards 29 May 2017

NOW, to put into the June showcase, with note about Ameen being the Arabic pronunciation. and i'll leave knowst as you typed it, unless you decide to have me change to knowest, and tell me so. Thanks for responding so quickly. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 27 May 2017

what does the Poet's Notes mean? is the poem written by you or by a Professor? i want to use this poem in my/our June 2017 showcase, but i want to be sure of the author's name as i use the author's name in the showcase. Thanks. bri :) ========================= note: in these lines: Thou knowst our deep folds and layers Unto Thee I send my prayers..............the spelling of knowst is questioned. from Wiktionary: knowest Contents 1 English 1.1 Alternative forms 1.2 Etymology 1.3 Verb 1.4 Quotations English Alternative forms know'st (obsolete) Etymology know +‎ -est Verb knowest (archaic) second-person singular simple present form of know Quotations For usage examples of this term, see Citations: knowest. so know'st is obsolete - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - favorite lines: Leave us not our Gracious God Save us from all evils odd........................how about the evils even? ? i assume the TWO es in Ameen is to emphasize/lengthen the word. i wonder if AmeN or Amenn would seem 'better' to me. i'll use the poem as it is if you answer me about the poet's notes. i may use it anyway if i don't hear from you in a week or less. Thanks. bri :)

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Shahzia Batool 27 May 2017

Oh Bri, thank you so much for your detailed comment...This is my poem for sure, My respected professor gave me a prompt for this actually... Ameen with double 'e' is actually the pronunciation in Arabic...so you can use it as single 'e'... and evils are always odd and never even... :) thank you so much again, Bri :)

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Queeny Gona 05 May 2016

A sincere and loving prayer for all your beloveds! May your prayers be answered dear poet pal!

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Amitava Sur 31 May 2014

An unbiased and honest supplication to become a true human being.... amazing

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Salini Nair 02 May 2014

a prayer to almighty....prayer of the world...like it

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