A Poem A Day Poem by Simon Odhiambo

A Poem A Day

Rating: 4.2

One Poem at a time, Is what you can read
Try two and despair, that is where it will lead

One channel at a time, Is what you can watch
Try two and repair, that is not what it is worth

One step at a time, Is what we are to believe
Try two in the air, next time you will behave

One search at a time, may be two will do
Try two when you are there, It may come with a boo

One second at a time, is the measure of real age
Try two everywhere, and you will pay the wage

One word at a time, for a poem to be complete
Try two when am here, one day we will compete

One bye at a time, when am calling it a day
I will try two if am near, bye bye is what I say

Kimani Wa Mbogo 12 July 2012

This is a nice one, sir. Congrats. We are waiting for more.

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Karen Sinclair 22 July 2012

A nice write of substance a grey matter stirrer... tyvm karen

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Nsisong Bassey 11 August 2012

Sweet and sonorous, I like it

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Captain Cur 13 August 2012

Nice poem Simon. Enjoyed it 2x.

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Gleb Zavlanov 12 August 2013

Very melodious and song-like. I really liked reading it. Thanks. Also, I invite you to read and comment.

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 13 August 2014

Ideas in varieties and nice to recite and therefore beautiful.

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Leslie Philibert 12 August 2014

Fine idea, well written...

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Liliana ~el 12 August 2014

I enjoyed the second to last stanza with a bit of humor.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 12 August 2014

A simple idea blossomed in to a beautiful melodious poem, carrying lot of fragrance to shed all over.

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Heather Wilkins 25 August 2013

a good poem enjoyed the read

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