Stephen Loomes

Veteran Poet - 1,761 Points (21ST JUNE 1950 / SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA)

Stephen Loomes Poems

1. The Fine Scaffold Moves 5/23/2013
2. The Only Son 5/23/2013
3. View From Portofino Lighthouse 5/24/2013
4. Tribute To William Blake 5/25/2013
5. When I Was Born 6/8/2013
6. Vlapgod Vos 6/12/2013
7. You Are The Message 6/22/2013
8. Visit To Life 6/22/2013
9. When I Wake Up 6/22/2013
10. Hello Dear Reader 6/23/2013
11. Arrivederci Roma 7/24/2013
12. The Roof Of Night 6/22/2013
13. Maori Blues 8/25/2013
14. Our Meteor 9/3/2013
15. Johann Sebastian Bach 9/9/2013
16. A Ride On My Suzuki 9/11/2013
17. Wage Slaves 9/20/2013
18. Miracles 4/18/2015
19. A Gentle Man 5/22/2015
20. The Great Bob Dylan 7/9/2015
21. Unhappy Souls 8/4/2015
22. Cappadocia 8/4/2015
23. Plato And Palladas On Love 8/4/2015
24. Is It Cold Where My Brother Lies? 11/13/2015
25. First Crush 11/13/2015
26. Have A Good Time While You Are Here 12/7/2015
27. Precious To Our Selves 12/10/2015
28. Graven Idols 12/14/2015
29. After Bhagavad Gita 9 12/14/2015
30. Dancing Into The World 12/14/2015
31. The Train 12/16/2015
32. Black Hole 6/16/2016
33. Jim Morrison's Literary Genius 6/26/2016
34. The Field 8/25/2016
35. The Royal Family 9/1/2016
36. Marieke 9/1/2016
37. Sigmund Schadenfreude 9/2/2016
38. Horses In The Clouded Sky 9/15/2016
39. If I Can Id Yachts 11/21/2016
40. The Vacuum Around Our Minds 3/1/2017
Best Poem of Stephen Loomes

Viktor Frankl, Mans Search For Meaning

Guiding us all through endless night
A student of Freud, a genius too
Hated by the Nazis
Because he was a Jew
Imprisoned for years
He longed to be free
Five years, what a test of his psychiatry.

In Auschwitz he mixed
With German and Jew
Jehovahs, Gypsies
Where survival each day
Tested all that he knew.

He learned about mankind
And found two basic strands
The decent and indecent
Whatever their lands

The prisoners who turned Capo
And betrayed their friends
The German who risked life
To make some amends
He talks of the Jews...

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1. Birth
You stick your head out and there’s lights blazing and people
Talking and there you are in the middle of this world
Which dances in infinity somewhere around the third planet out
From the sun and what are you supposed to make of it?
Are you going back in a Rolls Royce to some comfy castle
Or are you going to roll around in a cardboard box crying, screaming
Scared beyond sense waiting for the protector who might never come?
And that’s the beginning of life, lying on your back

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