Susan Williams Poems

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A Scrap Of Time

I need to find time-
a scrap of time
by the demands of everyday life

Fireflies Die

Fireflies die
Stars wink out of existence
Butterflies fall from the sky
Rivers take the path of least resistance

But Not Today

I have no heart today.
I think I have lost it somewhere along the way
From yesterday to today.

The Wing Of A Dove

The mourning dove
visual manna from heaven above
beauty and delicacy in one form sailing

Rain Washing The World Green

..................Rain Washing The World Green
I have a homing bird feeling about
the rain falling

The Ghosts Are Walking Again

the ghosts are walking again
walking and talking in the night again
sorrow is eating my bones again

The Phone Is Ringing

We live from day to day to day
and we play and we play and we play
we always have and we think we always will
yes there is a brain cell that knows that end it will

Feeling Blue

you say we should shake it off
you say get over it
you say it's not good for us

Girl In Waiting

the girl waited beneath the golden tree
the golden tree shaped like a vase
a vase of golden leaves

Again Thanks-I-Am-Giving~~~~~(Ghazal)

In my life there is room after room of good things
my man is one room for whom thanks-I-am-giving.
I do not know what good seeds I have been sowing

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