Feeling Blue Poem by Susan Williams

Feeling Blue

Rating: 4.9

you say we should shake it off
you say get over it
you say it's not good for us
you say it makes a bad situation worse
I think we should enjoy the mood
what's wrong with feeling blue
gives us time to be melancholy
and think sad soulful thoughts
tomorrow we can dance in the rain
but today we can watch it rain
and trace its lonely tears
down our windowpane
~~~~~~© 2012 Susan Williams

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: blues,sadness
Rose Marie Juan-austin 13 November 2018

A beautiful poem with a meaningful message. There is always a time for everything. Happiness and sadness have their own time. And sometimes happiness could spring from sadness. A marvelous piece of art that will find its home in the hearts of many readers. Very well composed and conveyed.10 and on to my Poem List.

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Susan Williams 19 November 2018

It is hard to post a comment on a poem when the site jumps every few seconds so I am pasting and copying everything I can. ThANK you all for taking time to comment- -and making my life a more joyful place to live in!

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Susan Williams 19 November 2018

Please know that I appreciate each of you as individuals- while I cannot leave individual replies for some reason I can post individual comments on your poems if I keep them short

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Susan Williams 19 November 2018

Thank u for 10 mabs spit on your fav list- thatt is a high compliment

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Susan Williams 19 November 2018

Sorry for messy typing but got to hurry before pasge flips

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Richard Wlodarski 31 August 2023

2) cont'd Special Poetess Friend Susan, Thank You so very much for this truly meaningful poem that gives us permission to feel 'blue' without feeling 'bad' about it!

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Richard Wlodarski 31 August 2023

In my reread of this soulful poem, I've come to appreciate it even more. Since that time, some friends have moved on to The Great Beyond. In having experienced that bluesy mood, I was able to more fully appreciate the precious value of those great friendships.

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Sandra Feldman 27 August 2023

A waterfall of true and beautiful thoughts, bittersweetness blessed!

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Bill Cantrell 26 August 2023

Again, I so relate to this

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Dr Dillip K Swain 19 January 2022

Your last wo lines: and trace its lonely tears/ down our windowpane.....I find the great depth here! A magnificent poem....top score.

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