Rain Washing The World Green Poem by Susan Williams

Rain Washing The World Green

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..................Rain Washing The World Green
I have a homing bird feeling about
the rain falling
on the street where I grew up
and played as a child in
the puddles splashing and
raising my Que Sera Sera song to
the falling rain washing
the world green around me.
I have a homing bird feeling about
the rain falling
on the house where
I lived safely tucked under
my parents' wings
listening to the reign of thunder
rumbling in the hills
watching the lightning promising doom.
I have a homing bird feeling about
the rain falling
etching memories
down the window panes
drumming sweet dreams
on the roof
of the long ago house
where I grew up.
© Susan Williams,2/15/2016

Rain Washing The World Green
Monday, February 15, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: family,home,memories,rain,weather
Theodora Onken 30 April 2016

Susan, wonderful write! Made me remember my growing up in my home state of Washington- -the evergreen, the rain, the puddles...the house where i grew up in my beloved Seattle. Oh, am so glad i found you. You, my dear are an amazing poet. Your words warm the very soul of the reader...this is the kind of poetry i have missed. This place-Poemhunter-is so large sometimes many brilliant writers get swallowed up and buried. Am going to do my very best to bring your genius to light, here. Again, i say, you are the poets poet. This is another 10. Theo

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Susan Williams 01 May 2016

Sweet Theo! ! Guess where I live! ! ! Washington State! ! ! I was born and raised in the desert part- -but we visited your half often and envied the green and the rain-rain-rain. But I love my subtle desert too- it's so dainty with its purple flowers and its greening in the spring. I know what you're saying- to come across a poet that either writes the thoughts of your heart or writes the thoughts you never had is a fantastic joy. It is hard to find these poets in the huge numbers of poems written everyday- it has become a win-the-lottery piece of luck or a God-driven blessing! I found you by reading a beautiful comment you'd made on another poet's work and it was so beautiful and charming and intelligent that I scurried over to see your poetry! Thank you so much for your heady praise, Theo. You've got me so puffed up that I'm floating in the air bobbing along the ceiling! You are such a generous and encouraging soul. I cannot thank you enough- -one thing though.... how am I going to get off the ceiling? Stunned Susan!

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Daniel Brick 02 April 2016

I love the central image of this poem; rain washing the world green. This is the essence of winter becoming spring expressed in felicitous language that suggests a cleansing as well as a renewal. I also appreciate the variety of moods rain suggests to the child, everything from sweet dreams to doom, from the comfort of family to the peril of nature. A poem like yours makes us aware of the sheer largeness of our lives.

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Smoky Hoss 08 August 2023

Beautiful, absolutely wonderful.

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Susan Williams 19 August 2023

Thank you, Smoky Hoss... I am grateful that you could navigate to my wall--I have problems navigating this site these days--seems to be unplugged a lot!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 22 October 2022

Not just a poem but a wonderful poem. I liked the way the poetess has put spotlight on significant effect, influence and impact of rain on joyful life of people in general and the poetess in particular.

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Rebecca Navarre 16 August 2022

Once again Beyond words or umbers could say! ..+++++++++++++++++++++++++ May your heart and family always remain safe! .. May God bless so dear! ..

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Rebecca Navarre 16 August 2022

Safely tucked under my parents wings, heart free to explore and play and snuggling in when the reigns of thunder come rumbling through and feeling the love that surrounds you! ..

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Rebecca Navarre 16 August 2022

This has such a deep deep beauty, heart and meaning! ..

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Susan Williams 28 August 2022

to hear it has touched a heart is a tremendous reward==this poem is dear to me because I see my Mom and Dad again in it

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