The Wing Of A Dove Poem by Susan Williams

The Wing Of A Dove

Rating: 4.9

The mourning dove
visual manna from heaven above
beauty and delicacy in one form sailing
sailing down from the blue to perch on my railing
perched there staring curiously at me
as if she could the sadness see
through the picture window
as if she'd come to sow her own song of woe.
She perched there for the longest time
a fluttering wind chime, a feathered rhyme
and then I saw it in her eyes
as plain as golden rays in a sunrise
I rose from my chair yelling No, my hands screaming out
but she launched anyway despite my horrified shout
straight at the window she was coming to me
she had something to say, that graceful little beauty.
Nothing was going to stop her from winging her way
flying straight as an arrow she came to me anyway
She crashed into the window over and over again
five different times she tried but she couldn't break in
then she flew up into the tree and there she grieved
and to the boughs she cleaved while her sad song she weaved
throughout the day and into the evening
until her mate joined her in her keening.
Later I looked through the window and saw imprinted there
like the image of a heartfelt prayer
the left wing of the dove, each feather etched in dust on the glass
reminding me of angels in a Sunday School class
I will not go outside and wash it off
though my family often does scoff
God is talking to me, a message He has hinted
through the wing of a dove on my window imprinted.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©2017 Susan Williams
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Monday, August 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: prayers
Mj Lemon 09 August 2017

Susan, Wow.This is a magnificent poem. I go back to images of creators hovering....over ruins, desolation, and new stretches of landscape. The bird has always had a relationship with creators. Here, you combine that with the image of the dove....of peace. Spiritus Mundi (The Second Coming) , Yeats, but with you- -removed from conflict and tinged with hope. A great poem, Susan.

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Susan Williams 10 August 2017

Mj, you are one deep-thinking poet and reader! ! ! ! I get the feeling you never skim through a poem or a book. The way you spend your time evaluating and delving and finding connections is well spent because your own poetry reflects these attributes as well as your welcome comments. Thank you my friend.

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Bill Cantrell 07 August 2017

Events throughout certain moments of our lives are beacons to help us in ways that we would never have imagined, whether it is a dove or a friends poem to open wide the eyes...whatever the case... good imprints in our lives stay with us, a wonderful poem, my friend, your poems resonate with all readers! ! !

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Susan Williams 08 August 2017

It is hard to have a boring, ho-hum day in life any more. There is so much going on- -birds flaunting themselves on my porch, winging through at a 100 miles an hour, building nests, feeding babies, singing and blithering all day long- - the construction going on across the street on the high school- - -the new poems by good friends like you- - - the granddaughter coming home from school and giving me a bad time- - -we can always have good imprints on our lives if we look for them [except on those scared-to-death days and then we must pray that the good days will be coming back soob]. Thank you for always being ready to read my poetic efforts. You give me hope that I am improving

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Dr Dillip K Swain 14 November 2022

Magnificent poetry dear friend. I can't wait to read this poem time and again. Stay blessed.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 09 October 2022

You have given your readers a value laden poem to be kept as treasurer forever.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 24 September 2022

visual manna from heaven above beauty and delicacy in one form sailing sailing down from the blue to perch on my fascinating! A magnificent poem.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 01 September 2022

That graceful little beautiful... captivating expression. It's really a magnificent poem.

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Susan Williams 04 September 2022

thank you for liking this poem so much that you came back and reread it! ! !

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Dr Dillip K Swain 01 August 2022

beauty and delicacy in one form sailing sailing down from the blue to perch on my railing....lovely expression.

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