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suzan gumush Poems

1. Manipulations Come As A Stir 9/29/2006
2. Lost But Not Empty 10/6/2006
3. Too Many Speedy Gonzales 10/19/2006
4. Success In A Grade 10/25/2006
5. Get Ready For World War Three! An Alien Invasion 3/18/2007
6. Unlevel Headed Twit! 11/25/2007
7. Lost On This Planet They Call Earth! 1/6/2008
8. Cybernating Our Walk 6/14/2008
9. Say Hello To Big Brother! 9/10/2008
10. Humanity Has Been Swayed 11/8/2008
11. Loyalty! 10/12/2017
12. Life Is A Sham! 12/14/2007
13. Message From Above 10/27/2007
14. No Guarding Our Rights 11/1/2006
15. Contractions Full Of Nothing 11/17/2006
16. The Economy Trap! 11/18/2008
17. Human Behaviour Or Labour 10/11/2008
18. Structured Existence 6/19/2007
19. Let It Be Said 1/12/2007
20. Untold Truth 11/12/2007
21. Locked Inside A Cage 11/23/2006
22. Hammering On My Verses 9/30/2006
23. The Greed Of Those Bosses 9/27/2006
24. Never Really Knowing 10/27/2007
25. Life Was A Crying Game 12/3/2006
26. Sharing Love 11/23/2006
27. No Time 1/15/2008
28. Man Will Become Yesterdays News 1/6/2008
29. Freedom Has Turned Into An Illision 9/27/2006
30. Man Of Burden 9/29/2006
31. Nosey Neighbours 9/30/2006
32. Good Wishes To All 9/24/2006
33. Sharing The Rhyme 9/27/2006
34. Cowgirl Sue 12/20/2007
35. Thoughts Of Nothing 12/22/2006
36. A Working Demand 9/23/2006
37. Busy Doing Nothing! 1/27/2008
38. Prison Planet 9/4/2008
39. A Market Full Of Rules 12/1/2006
40. Never To Be Wanted 10/25/2006

Comments about suzan gumush

  • C. P. Sharma C. P. Sharma (8/8/2008 6:19:00 AM)

    I took a brief survey of Suzan’s poetry. Perhaps, it reflects the life as it comes to her in which as Thomas Hardy says, “…happiness is but an occasional episode in the general drama of pain.” Hence, a sense of deep anguish, satire and irony runs throughout her poems with an occasional touch of humor.

    She has wisely used her socio-economic-literary know how in presenting a panoramic view of life enhancing their impact through her superb poetic craftsmanship.

    Although mostly pessimistic, she does not take a defeatist attitude towards life like Milton when he says in ‘Paradise Lost’:

    “What though the field be lost?
    All is not lost; th’ unconquerable will,

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  • Egi David Perdana (5/10/2008 4:49:00 AM)

    I love your poems, keep writting, your a amazing friend thanx

  • Leon Seagal (9/3/2006 5:17:00 PM)

    She must have suffered a lot in the past! I could feel this sharp pain, while I was reading her poems! Only one thing I could say, all the best to good poet and good mother!

Best Poem of suzan gumush

All That I Am

All that I've been given
Is all that I am
I am no more than
What I am
Life has been a tease
All I've done is try to please
Still I ask for nothing
Nothing do I want
All I need is a magic wand
To take me out of what I'm in
I don't want to share their sins
All that I am
is who I be
No one ever made me!

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All Else Doesn'T Matter

If I hear news of a stabbing
Of all else it would be my son

If I hear news of someone excluded
Of all else it would be my Daughter

If I hear news someone is in debt
Of all else it would be me

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