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Words Can Lie

Rating: 4.9

I love you....I love you
Is the word I always hear
Are they words of truth
Or are they words to fear
Somehow I don't want these people near
Because I can't hear them clear
They're so easy to say
We all seem to ajust in this way

Preeti - is here! 11 October 2006

Just like we use 'love' so often, we also use 'hate' as generously. a simple poem, but lovely flow and the un-structured adds to its charm. Preets

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Nermin Nazim 01 October 2006

As much as i love to hear that word, it scares me to death that it comes out as a lie out of the mouths of the people i love. A prayer always it is true when actions comform with the word. If true and comes from the heart, it takes to cloud nine. Very well said my dear.

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Jerry Hughes 30 September 2006

Suzan, you have a nice feel for the language, por favor, can you write something in 'free verse? ' Rhyming can get tedious and constraining. Best always, Jerry

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Anna Cellmer 28 September 2006

Very nicely expressed yes sometimes we say or listen this word so easily that it can be hard to believe at this but it's always so nice besides if we look a bit wider we can feel it :) But here i can read also that sometimes it's hard to listen someone who we dont want to listen anymore becuase all is gone, oh it's possible to read this in many ways and this is also great in your write :)

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Marvin Brato 27 September 2006

Thank you for your favorable comments to my poems. Yours are very good too, it expresses your comprehensions on men, but I agree to the old saying which say 'it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'. Is your book distributed to the Phillippines too? I like to buy a copy. Keep writng my friend.

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Bonnie Collins 12 October 2008

Such as life Suze, such as life, sometimes I agree with you... All though on the other hand, I would rather feel love than to see and hear the words spoken...... Easy flow and with alot of wisdom.... Bonnie

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Kesav Easwaran 07 August 2008

words we hear... some true some lies...true words light up our face...lies we need laugh away with in our mind...a good write on a better theme...

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Randy Resh 22 November 2006

HA! beautiful. Magnificent! But, I don't like thinking that words are capable of lying. People are. To their selves & others. Isn't it romantic? ; -) Thank you, lovely. I'm already there. HA!

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John DeBona 17 November 2006

Words can lie, no joke.. I myself am getting over a 19year marraige.If it were'nt for this site, I might go mad.. Like your stuff!

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Brittney Hayner 01 November 2006

that is extreamly true! love is always used so much! and how do u really know if its the truth? ? ~brittney

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