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Write with me; help me out
I'm stuck with words, please make'em bout!
Take me to an unknown, strange place
Where no one can find nor can trace!

Knocking, something is trouncing and cracking
In her deepest self, the fear is whacking!
Cutting and slapping her self-reliance
Cursing his brutality his downright defiance!

This is our time this is our day
Let's wing the feelings; let's pave the way!
Be my warmest blanket, silken red
Conjoin as that passionate newlywed!

I saw you and I felt you at once
The perfume your fragrance that essence
Stolen kiss I made to your name
How could I leave when you divinely came!

The kissing scorch branded gentle marks on my cheeks
Blotted freckles forcefully pierced and tweaked
The roads felt like licked by the fierce tongues of the sky
The waters on the ground gurgled and did sigh!

You are here and I let you go
How can it happen? Maybe you know!
The dawn won't break without seeing your face
The night won't fall if my dreams don't trace!

I called your name and exclaimed oh yes
My heart whacked a wild chaotic mess!
Could have I dared shush, calm it down?
Oh your invading look, your sensual frown!


Here breaks another day
Without your kisses' gentle sway

If this is all you need, if that is all you want
I promise I'll leave, my feelings won't flaunt!
I'll be off from your life and will never stay
Because who am I to stand in your way?

Deep in thought, something my heart misses-
Your cold hugs and bitter kisses

Your love has flown with the frosty breezes-

Here I am lying on the bed of your memories
Looking back to the gentleman's portrait of you-
The likeness, that image of your smile's so calm and serene
That I don't want my eyes to shut close and sleep!

Forget about the black and white skin
No worries for the body, fat or thin
Don't think about the gapped teeth and fret!
You're born to cherish this beautiful existence,

Every time I meet people
They're different
Different all in all-
With clashing tongues and wrangling thoughts

The past is never a bygone-
It is winged and flies back to you
Every time you close your eyes
It reminisces all that you wanted to hide

Sitting on my couch I wondered where I have come to
From that twinkling decorated hall to the room so blue!
Everything has changed; nothing is the same
From the deepest down of my soul, the moan just came!

Somewhere in the last lining of the horizon
I saw your face hiding in the dark
I called you with all my energies and powers
But I think you were too far to give me your ears

What is this downheartedness and melancholy?
This hopelessness and the misery-
Inside is screaming and yelling with all its powers
The outside seems to pay no heed to the hardest hours!

To the dark I went-
The darker it grew
To the light I went-
The dimmer it grew

It is dawn though looks like dusk
Has filled the Jasmine with a musk
Come! Let us fuse into the serenity
Come and dance our ways to eternity!

Silently sitting under the shadowy tree
The two lovebirds were seen set free!
Nothing did matter; he was so quiet and so was she
All alone! No eye to stare and give them a see!

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A romantic passionata Poetic Muse Siren of rhymes Mermaid to the sailors The gay accord between the cup of coffee and croissant Paradoxical statement A beautiful woman with delicious poems)

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Sensing By Senselessness

Write with me; help me out
I'm stuck with words, please make'em bout!
Take me to an unknown, strange place
Where no one can find nor can trace!

Fill my pen with your everlasting ink
Inscribe if in your stomach butterflies wink!
I will show you the path where we'd head
You keep on writing; my lap's your bed!

Hey, can you hear the sparrow's singing?
I stroke your hair and my heart is sinking!
The bird on that branch smiles to encounter us too
Now you can guesstimate how much I love you!

The grass is so green and golden fresh
Our presence together here heavenly mesh!
Can anyone discern; can they recognize?
How strong our love is, they can never realize!

You get up; caress my cheek; look into my eyes
I know you too want to knot unbreakable ties!
Please build in here a shatterproof home
Where you and I live; now conclude this poem!

This night was same; I had a same dream
You are buried in my soul; my pen does scream!
The garden that was our little love cage
There you still lie in my lap with a pen and page!
I call you My Muse, help me write
You are dead, but my heart does fight!
The day you came, the writer in me was born
And now you're gone; again I feel so weak and worn!
It's time so different so strange and oh this insanity this madness
I sense you by senselessness!

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Akhtar Jawad 23 April 2018

I have read a few poems by Tanzila Rehmat, she is one of the best poets at this web site. The topics she selects for her poems are universal in nature. She is a versatile genius.

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