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Sensing By Senselessness

Write with me; help me out
I'm stuck with words, please make'em bout!
Take me to an unknown, strange place
Where no one can find nor can trace!

Not Virgin Anymore

Knocking, something is trouncing and cracking
In her deepest self, the fear is whacking!
Cutting and slapping her self-reliance
Cursing his brutality his downright defiance!

Love At First Sight

I saw you and I felt you at once
The perfume your fragrance that essence
Stolen kiss I made to your name
How could I leave when you divinely came!

Summer Rain

The kissing scorch branded gentle marks on my cheeks
Blotted freckles forcefully pierced and tweaked
The roads felt like licked by the fierce tongues of the sky
The waters on the ground gurgled and did sigh!

This Is Our Time

This is our time this is our day
Let's wing the feelings; let's pave the way!
Be my warmest blanket, silken red
Conjoin as that passionate newlywed!

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Akhtar Jawad 23 April 2018

I have read a few poems by Tanzila Rehmat, she is one of the best poets at this web site. The topics she selects for her poems are universal in nature. She is a versatile genius.

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Rehmat Tanzila Popularity