Tanzila Rehmat

Tanzila Rehmat Poems

1. Blessed 10/3/2017
2. Yes It's True 10/3/2017
3. Time To Say Goodbye 10/14/2017
4. If I Make You My Poem? 10/14/2017
5. Quirk Of Fate 11/5/2017
6. So What You Say? 12/18/2017
7. Enchanted Night With My Muse 12/26/2017
8. Bliss 1/1/2018
9. It's All Your Fault 2/9/2018
10. Crop 2/20/2018
11. Wait For A Minute 3/8/2018
12. Red Drops On A Black Rose 4/13/2018
13. I'm Jealous 4/23/2018
14. ‘a Haunting' 4/24/2018
15. Married To A Man I Hated 7/22/2018
16. Down In The Dumps 10/23/2018
17. O The Lyrical Lips 10/27/2018
18. Dying Embers 12/17/2018
19. I Fear If 10/22/2019
20. Where Have You Gone? 10/22/2019
21. I Wish I Were A Gush Of An Air 10/22/2019
22. Profess Our Love 3/9/2019
23. A Bird With Wings 11/5/2018
24. Introvert 10/23/2018
25. Virgin's Demise 7/14/2018
26. Wreckages And Rubbles 7/9/2018
27. Valuable Journey 7/26/2018
28. O Dear Love 3/12/2018
29. Once Again 2/6/2018
30. Heart Is Given A Bolt 11/20/2017
31. The Button Of Her Jeans 10/14/2017
32. Will You Ever Love Me? 10/3/2017
33. Terror 10/3/2017
34. Take Me 10/3/2017
35. Dance With Me 10/3/2017
36. It's Time To Say Goodbye 10/13/2017
37. Dear Diary 2/6/2018
38. Your Eyes 3/25/2018
39. You Seem So Sad 3/25/2018
40. Unchain The Wrecked Hearts 8/27/2018

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  • Akhtar Jawad Akhtar Jawad (4/23/2018 8:39:00 AM)

    I have read a few poems by Tanzila Rehmat, she is one of the best poets at this web site. The topics she selects for her poems are universal in nature. She is a versatile genius.

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Best Poem of Tanzila Rehmat

Sensing By Senselessness

Write with me; help me out
I'm stuck with words, please make'em bout!
Take me to an unknown, strange place
Where no one can find nor can trace!

Fill my pen with your everlasting ink
Inscribe if in your stomach butterflies wink!
I will show you the path where we'd head
You keep on writing; my lap's your bed!

Hey, can you hear the sparrow's singing?
I stroke your hair and my heart is sinking!
The bird on that branch smiles to encounter us too
Now you can guesstimate how much I love you!

The grass is so green and golden fresh
Our ...

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Take Me

Take me to the palace of your heart; make me your queen
Do it quietly; let no one intervene!
Inscribe on my skin, leave it divine
Make me yours; I make you mine!

Come let us go so far, where the winds are seductive
The grass is green, the flowers are producitve!
Hold my hand softly and kiss my lips
Hurry up before the air's heart rips!

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