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I can feel your tongue on me,
Wet saliva on my lips, cheeks, chest, legs.
Everywhere is shaking,
From hurt, anger, dizziness and loss.
No more innocence or smiles,
Because you are moving back and forth.
It is a sensation I have never felt before,
And I don't like feeling it!
You stuff a sock in my mouth,
To muffle the screams for people not to hear.
The words won't get past the fabric!
I can feel the sweat dripping down your body,
And it makes my spine tingle!
I cry,
And you lick away that tear.
I try not to cry anymore,
So I don't have to feel anymore of you!
The friction of our bodies,
The feeling of you inside me!
It all makes me so sick,
And I have no more desire to live!
You make a noise,
And now I wish to get sick.
Something slips out of my mouth,
I'm not quite sure what this alien noise is.
It came out without me saying,
You take out the sock.
The noise comes more,
And I shake uncontrollably!
What is happening,
With both me and you?
What is it,
What are you doing to me? !
I see the stress on your face,
In your eyes I see the fear in mine.
I wish for this horrible ordeal to soon cease,
The sensation is now pain.
The heat of our bodies,
It's no longer barable!
You make more noises,
As do I.
More tears,
And more of your tongue.
Black fades in on my sight,
What is happening now?
My body is becoming weak,
And I can no longer stay awake.
I fall into a deep sleep,
I wake from the feeling of someone staring at me.
I gently open the lids of my eyes,
And there you are.
My rapist, my used-to-be friend,
You kiss me, and I flinch.
My body goes limp forever,
The last thing I see is you.
My rapist....My murderer,
The last thing I say.
Before I go into the eternal sleep is.....
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
(: God's Wild Child :) 08 February 2009
wow. u r a fantasic writer girl. keep it up!
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Louis Rams 07 February 2009
for someone so young, you hold a smoking gun. very good write. a ten for your pen
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Allan Macli Borges 29 January 2009
i'm AMAZED! it's cruel and....beautiful!
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Derrick Andrews 29 January 2009
Amazing.. This poem is so direct, so descriptive.. I could picture everything as I read.. Great write.. Takes alot of courage to write about something so sensitive...
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Mifael Llauderes 29 January 2009
a graphic narrative, vivid imagery, strong and direct to the point... in effect it's very affecting.
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~ Jon London ~ 29 January 2009
This is so powerful, something as sensitive as this must be very difficult to pen....this piece shows bravery, much strength....thank you 10 Best of Health & Happiness Jon
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Matt Turner 29 January 2009
Some of the things you say can be shortened, you over state some of the feelings. So much so that it's repetitive. Overall, I liked it.
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Joseph Poewhit 29 January 2009
RAPE - is a traumatic thing for a woman. It can last a life time. Your poem sort of presented it as a learning experience, except for the sock part. Rape is violent most of the time. That is part of the rapist pleasure the fight and excitement.
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Ency Bearis 29 January 2009
you revealed in your write the weakest point of a woman..although pictured it very well with your compostion...
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'There are some on this earth who deserve death.' -Nagourta
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