All At Sea Poem by Tom Billsborough

All At Sea

Rating: 3.1

Compulsively concerned,
Claudia considered constipative confections.
Cheddar cheese, course.
Chewers choose cashews,
Cows choose cud.
Could cheese change constipation?
Canned cherries can.
Chowder can calamitously.
Can can?
Creative cooking can compose
Complete corrective concoctions.
Core considerations? Classic candidate?
Chilli con carne! Correct!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: food
Marilyn Lott 21 May 2016

I too give you and A for your Cs! Clever indeed!

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Tom Billsborough 23 June 2016

A for a C Fair exchange. Wouldn't like to attempt As. Could end up with a C! Tom

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Elisabeth Wingle 17 May 2016

Wow Tom, this is very clever and I imagine quite hard to, have you created a new form of poetry? I know that I have never seen this before..I give you an A + on your 'C's

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Tom Billsborough 21 May 2016

Thanks Elizabrbeth and CU again! Tom

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Tom Billsborough 17 May 2016

I think Kelly hopes not! I've done the Cs and the Ps. Pam wrote one on Ws which I think might be beyond me! A would be impossible. B might become very rude. Cs you have Ceen. Ds delightful? Damnably difficult...... Yes it's the New Poetry. I did get a B- once in Biology. My diagrams were appalling! but I digress. Thanks for the A+ Maybe if I did another it might wake Kelly up! Try one yourself. How about X? Only joking

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Pamela Sinicrope 16 May 2016

Fun! I wrote a poem like this about angels using the letter W, but then changed it. Maybe I should have kept it. You did this well. I enjoy the challenge of constraints myself. Well done.

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Tom Billsborough 16 May 2016

C C AS WE SAY IT ITALIAN. IF YOU CAN REMEMBER IT, PUT IT IN. I THINK Ws would be a really tough challenge. A sapphic is even more fun. Advise you to hide all your best China before attempting one. Or you'll end up having a smashing time! Thanks for comment, Pam

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Kelly Kurt 11 May 2016

I love me some alliteration. Not an easy task for an entire poem but you pulled it off delightfully.

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Tom Billsborough 11 May 2016

I was going to regress to B's but I though it might lead to a lot of swearing. Mind you we could always put an advert in for Wes's Bud. Could be even more artistic. Many regards Tom

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Sumit Ganguly 11 May 2016

Very bold experimental poem. I don't remember having read such alphabetical approach in my life. Thank you. By the way, your comment on ' A Bed-Time Call' inspire me, thanks.

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