Love Makes The World Go Flat Poem by Tom Billsborough

Love Makes The World Go Flat

Rating: 3.4

Love makes the world go flat,
Sparkling seascapes sweeping out
From rolling downs of wide horizons.
Shimmering skies absorbing eyes.
And the orisons of a lone lark
Suspended overhead signal
Our desire and hope to gather in
The supportive silence.
We grow like giant statues
In our love, so tall, so motionless,
In our embrace.

Sunday, April 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Anil Kumar Panda 11 April 2016

We grow like giant statues In our love, so tall, so motionless, In our embrace...... is so beautiful. Very nice.

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Michael Walker 13 May 2017

A good play on words 'love makes the world go round'. You suggest the negative side of love in a tour de force.

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Wild Flower 29 April 2017

Beautiful poem, Tom.......

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Tom Billsborough 29 April 2017

I like the name Wild Flower. My garden is full of them, not to mention the frogs sunbathing on stones near the pond! Must check out your poems soon.

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Rod Mendieta 28 February 2017

Wonderful. I too very often long to be embraced by absolute silence, having to put up with too much noise these days (right now there's a van going about with a megaphone blaring endlessly about their fresh-from-the-farm eggs!) . I will rate it with a 10, though I know Tom doesn't need my points, having already busted the scales. On second thought, if the blokes from 'Spinal Tap' did manage to go to 11 in their amps, why can't we go to 7 here? Will have to talk to the webmaster about that. Only drawback: now I'll have to keep on reading more of Tom's poems, just when I had it in my mind to sit down to work! ... Rod

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Tom Billsborough 28 February 2017

Hi Rod, just you wait, I've drafted out five of Alejandro's poems. I'll give you the day off tomorrow! Generous of me. But we'll blame Alejandro, He's a really great poet. Intoxicating!

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Luo Zhihai 28 January 2017

A pretty poem. Love, seascape and hope. Blue sea in our heart.

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Tom Billsborough 28 January 2017

Thanks Zhihai. Love your poems. I'm a big fan of Tu Fu.

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Bharati Nayak 11 November 2016

Love is so vast- - - - -Wonderful poem of love- - - - - - Thanks for sharing.

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Tom Billsborough 11 November 2016

Thank you, Bharati. It can be all-encompassing, And even, though she died, love carries on and on.

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Tom Billsborough

Tom Billsborough

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