Walterrean Salley Poems

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Be Good To Yourself

Be good to yourself—
You deserve it.

Take care of yourself

A Common Addiction Among Poets

Intoxicated by the inspiration
Of his trade—
With mental powers at work,
A true poet rarely sleeps.

A Tribute To The Elderly

I thought upon the elderly
And whispered a prayer,
Giving thanks to God
For their sojourn here.

A Cold Grey Wintry Day

On this cold, gray-wintry day,
The sun is nowhere to be found.

Listen! I hear the rain:

A Prayer For The Elderly

Dear Lord, as busy
As You must be,
Don’t forget
The elderly.

You Are Unique

He could've made two—
Another just like you.
But, then, He took
A second thought,

A Song About Life

Life is all the simple things
That we do and say.
And the much bigger things
That come into play.

Nightingale's Song

O'er fields and fountains,
Resounding in mountains
Is the nightingale's song.
Daffodils glisten

A Diamond

I saw a diamond
In the sky.
There to sparkle
Way up high.

The Park

They come from everywhere
For a stroll in the park
And even the joggers
To make their mark.