A Prayer For The Elderly Poem by Walterrean Salley

A Prayer For The Elderly

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Dear Lord, as busy
As You must be,
Don’t forget
The elderly.

By Your mighty,
Powerful hand,
Protect seniors
Across the land.

Provide in this
Economic storm—
Food and shelter.
Keep them warm.

And when past-
Echoes chime,
Preserve them
In lonely times.

Quell their fears
Night and day.
Hold their hand,
Guide their way.

Thanks for hearing
This simple plea
And remembering
The elderly.

Adeline Foster 01 August 2011

Yes, it is so that as we approach that time of life, we too want to be remembered. So it should be that those who empathize shall be remembered also. Read mine – I Cannot Return – Adeline

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Saju Abraham 13 March 2011

A very nice prayer for a good cause! I also enjoyed reading the poem as it is pleasing to eye and the ears. Thanks for sharing it here.

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Marilyn Lott 25 June 2011

What a lovely and special prayer. These folks' need all the prayers they can get. Very heartfelt! Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Sylvia Frances Chan 19 June 2021

5 Stars for this loveliest caring Tribute for the elder people, A call to God not to forget them, a poem created with caring love for these seniors. Thank you for sharing.

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Myrna Migala 01 October 2020

Thank you for the prayer, we elderly need it! Also for a poem that is easily understood.

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Heather Wilkins 24 October 2014

protect seniors across the land as advanced age occurs it is in need a great prayer

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Frank Avon 18 September 2014

Thank you for this prayer. As one of the elderly, I can tell you, we need it.

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Joseph Anderson 06 May 2012

At 87, I deeply appreciate this.It shows much compassion and care.It touched me

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