A Diamond Poem by Walterrean Salley

A Diamond

Rating: 5.0

I saw a diamond
In the sky.
There to sparkle
Way up high.
I pulled it down
Into my heart,
Perhaps some wisdom
To impart.

© 2009

Chandra Thiagarajan 05 December 2012

Good wisdom you have got from the diamond in the sky! A cute poem so heartening!

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Simple yet swimming in the sea of significance!

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Ken E Hall 08 October 2012

Short sweet and cutting edge wisdom to fill your heart, a real feel good poem...regards

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Spiritual Seeker 19 June 2012

Sooo nice..full of wisdom! Love this poem greatly...a great 10.

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Hans Vr 31 May 2012

Wonderful and inspiring. This kind of short poems are so powerful and meaningful, , so stong in thier image used, so penetrating as a message, that really everyone in the world should read them Fantastic. Well done Salley.

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Ken E Hall 01 April 2014

Little poem with a big wish, what a great way to travel with diamonds in the sky and learn how to use our eyes...regards

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Hans Vr 22 February 2014

Beautiful poem with great image Enjoy the diamond, enjoy the wisdom

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Heather Wilkins 03 August 2013

love this brief to the point. a nice diamond

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Vijay Sai R 19 July 2013

nice, short and sweet

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Patricia Grantham 27 March 2013

A short and sweet poem. Few in words but powerful in meaning. Diamonds are forever! Thanks.

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