A Tribute To The Elderly Poem by Walterrean Salley

A Tribute To The Elderly

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I thought upon the elderly
And whispered a prayer,
Giving thanks to God
For their sojourn here.

Such kind and gentle souls
From generations ago,
What they are to us,
They will never know.

A sure and beaten path.
A guide along the way.
The dedicated laborer
Who's now old and gray.

Patriarchs and matriarchs,
And early pioneers.
The bridge that has brought us
As we've journeyed here.

Soldiers of great sacrifice,
Treasured more than art.
We honor, love and cherish them
Deep within our heart.

Chandra Thiagarajan 18 November 2012

An honorable tribute to the elderly whom you respect in the form of a nice poem. I enjoyed the thought as much as the write. Thanks and best wishes. Chandra Thiagarajan

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Rebecca Navarre 12 November 2016

A Million! ! ! ! 10S! ! ! ! ! This Is Just Sooo Wonderful! ! ! ! ! ! And Refreshing To Read! ! ! ! ! Just Love! ! ! ! ! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! ! ! ! ! Sooo Much For Writing This! ! ! ! ! Many, Many, Blessings! ! ! ! ! Adding To Favorites! ! ! ! !

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Ken E Hall 25 November 2012

Luvli thought and tribute to the elderly who pave the way for us all and who deserve dignity and respect to the end as you end the poem 'Deep within our heart' another tick in the right box for you...regards

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Shahzia Batool 09 January 2013

A respectful tribute to the respected beings!

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Joseph Anderson 12 November 2012

Absolutely beautiful and caring thoughts for us old timers.. I will treasure this. You exposed your character which is compassionate and thoughtful Oh.. for more like you

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Bri Edwards 02 May 2022

respect: transitive verb: 'To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem or admire.' I DO NOT RESPECT, nor disrespect, anyone due to age. And I may respect one only sometimes. If I think a person is respectaable

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Bri Edwards 02 May 2022

I STRONGLY disagree with at least some of the poem and some of the comments. I believe that to a large degree the Old are still like the Young(er) in many ways. In each generation there will be a wide spectrum of goodness and badness.

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Kim Barney 01 May 2022

We the elderly thank you, and give you five stars.

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Sandra Feldman 01 May 2022

What deep and humane feelings, Not very often found, They touchingly lift our spirit, From the cruelty that's around.

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Varsha M 20 June 2021

Indeed your words have great message. There is no comparison to people donned with age and experience. Well penned.

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