Be Good To Yourself Poem by Walterrean Salley

Be Good To Yourself

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Be good to yourself—
You deserve it.

Take care of yourself
While you're here.
No one else can do it
Better than you.

Hold yourself up.
Don't be your worst enemy.
Nor a 'self hater, '
Like some love to do.

Live and enjoy life.
Look in the mirror and smile.
Believe that good things
Will happen for you.

Be grateful that you were
A candidate for life.
And let such gratitude

Make the best choices for yourself.
Exercise. Rest.
And eat properly.
For on such things the body thrives.

Love yourself,
And then you can love others too.
Serenade you with a song.
Honor YOU with a poem.

And like an old friend that you
Would visit every now and then,
Take care of 'yourself.'
For you shall not pass this way again.

Friday, February 17, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: health,life
Captain Cur 15 May 2012

So I will take your advice and honor me with a poem today. I will rhyme ego with Montego, and head off for the bay. Throughly enjoyed the message, now for the rum.

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Sara Fielder 27 March 2012

Very good advice. Your poem is reassuring.

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Gajanan Mishra 24 March 2012

Very good poem, Congratulation. I invite you to read my poem. Yours Gajananmishra

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Lawrence H 16 March 2012

yes, totally agreed, love everyone including ourselves and God too...I think we should LOVE God first, then myself and then others....lastly love our enemy if possible.

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Unwritten Soul 11 March 2012

Dear Walterrean Salley, I am agree with you in every word here..An expensive advice that free but free for others, The best thing is to be good, trust and the best thing for yourself, ourself yes it's true and honest...because what we face in this life, good or bad is by and yes you yourself my friends. If we fall to not care this to ourself then nobody will able to help, we need to lean to others but the other will go someday to me to meet other one or the it, keep inspiring all of us W.Salley_Unwritten Soul

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Your poem "A Common Addiction Among Poets"… I am no poet worth the name. But I rarely sleep….

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Chinedu Dike 04 May 2020

Beautiful motivational piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing.

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Bharati Nayak 21 March 2019

Love yourself, And then you can love others too. Serenade you with a song. Honor YOU with a poem. - - - - A wonderful poem with a beautiful message.It is very essential that we first love ourselves and take take care of our health.If we do not love ourselves, then how can others love us? God has given this human body for a purpose and we should thake its proper care and then only we can be useful for others.

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Laurie Van Der Hart 10 January 2019

What sound advice presented in a gentle, well-written poem. Thank you!

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Rajnish Manga 16 February 2018

Love yourself, And then you can love others too. Serenade you with a song. Honor YOU with a poem..... //.... Exquisitely crafted poem with a profound message. Thanks.

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