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will munter Poems

1. Beware False Profits 3/19/2007
2. The I Freecard 3/19/2007
3. Free Fresh Air Mate 12/28/2007
4. The Valley Of Perfection 3/27/2008
5. Binderella-The Skip Goddess 5/11/2008
6. Traffic Calming 5/15/2008
7. A Winters Day On Site 5/15/2008
8. Harmonal Resonance 2/4/2007
9. The No Fundamentalists 2/4/2007
10. Keeping The Inner Child- Born To Be Wild 2/4/2007
11. Candlelight 5/15/2008
12. Its Just A Ride- Rip Bill Hicks Died 28th Feb 1994-Shine On 2/23/2009
13. The Pixies And The Faeries 5/12/2007
14. We Are 5/12/2007
15. They Came-In Memory Of Dalkeith Country Park 5/15/2008
16. Used Teabag 9/20/2008
17. `amnesia Remembered 9/23/2008
18. The Futures Green 3/19/2007
19. Avoid Regret Live Now 2/4/2007
20. Sometimes 5/12/2007
21. If Wishes Were Fishes 5/15/2008
22. Sunshine 5/15/2008
Best Poem of will munter


Sunshine hue sunshine grew
Shines its rays on me and you
Sunshine light sunshine bright
Not a dark cloud close in sight
Sunshine thrive sunshine imbibe
Sweet healing rays on all your tribe
Sunshine healing sunshine feeling
Its the essensce of our beeing
Sunshine parade sunshine displayed
In its fractualised brocade
Sunshine tranced sunshine danced
Gives our souls such sweet romance
Sunshine dove sunshine above
Thanks for your sweet rays o love
so sunkissed and pure sun-blissed
Sunshine blocks out all the mist
So sunshine mellow sunshine ...

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Beware False Profits

If you worship the pound, dollar or yen
Better take a deep breath n count up to ten
As none of your profits fullfill our requirement
All of them false and pollute our environment
Full of boom bust chop chop
As all our priceless trees drop
While all of your slave labour
Are toiling in your sweat shop
Leaving a huge karma deficit

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