Baby It Doesn'T Matter Poem by Y Sunita Devi

Baby It Doesn'T Matter

Rating: 5.0

When you fall in life’s struggle,
Baby it doesn’t matter much,
Coz life will grant you,
Yet another opportunity to rise.

When afflictions makes you cry,
Baby it doesn’t matter much,
For life will present you,
With beautiful moments of truth.

And when you do a mistake,
Baby it doesn’t matter much,
Coz life will give you,
Chances to correct your mistakes.

Baby you only need to believe,
In yourself truly when you face life,
Coz life always gives you,
More beautiful things than you can expect.
So baby it doesn’t matter really.


Sebastine Humaemo 05 April 2009

ahhh beautiful write winnie..........your lines speaks abt real fact.......while goin thr your lines...felt like ma inner voice utterin these lines to me.......hmmmm Heavenly feeling.........can be said each one should read this poem to hav self courage.....10000+++++ sebastine

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Mona Martinez 15 August 2009

very true in every way. i loved the way you express yourself.

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Elias Galvez 18 May 2009

i'm falling in love with your poems-they soothe me just fine- your life's partner is one lucky guy-to have a poet as his mate! ! ! ! !

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comforting words..hoping we think so when things get worst..well expressed

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Naidz Ladia 16 April 2009

you are very is a matter of sweet and doesn't matter..which is which, we should move on.. naizz

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Kesav Easwaran 09 April 2009

yes; that's faced baby minded...erring and correcting unknowingly...truthful words well told...10

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