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A Knight's Tale

Rating: 5.0

Once upon a time, there was a man
Who came with a message
A message of peace which ran
Across the world like the blood passage.

He called the people aloud
To propagate liberty, mercy&prohibit slavery
His call was like a wise sound
Which penetrated the heart of every category.

Once upon a time, there was a husband
Who loved&cherished his wife
It was the first look, the first shakehand
Then came their matrimony to be a part of his life.

What a beautiful pure love story, a new birth
Something you never heard of before in your life
Then in a glance came her horrible death
To stab his heart with a knife.

&in a little hope to survive
he started keeping in touch with her relatives&friends
a year passes..two..three&five
&he never forgot any of her trends.

once upon a time, there was a father
but not like any father&you'll be amazed
wherever you see this man, you see his daughter behind&another
time you find his daughter afraid about him&praised
his numerous virtues which never bother.

once upon a time, this man while kneeling
down to ALLAH found his grandsons, jumpingon his back&playing
with a kind heart, he kept kneeling till they finished
after him I say''kindness is vanished''.
Once upon a time, there was a man tortured
His friends were banished&by money&influence he was tempted
&when he made a strong army&came back
full of power which they were in lack.

he asked them''what do think I'll do to you? ''
they said with trembles''we know you're generous&kind''
he smiled kindly&said''then listen what I'll do to you…
''you're free, go to any where you find''.

once upon a time&before he was gone
he spoke to people about women
''they're princesses, be kind to them, never insult any one''
he talked about people of another religion
''they're brothers&a kid from them is your son''.
I see you, over there
Among the orphan children, kissing their heads&crying
I beg you tell me how &where
Can we find an ocean of mercy like you never drying.

I see you again, very near
Being gracious to your neighbour
Who harmed you too much my dear
You visited him the first happy&amiable
This attitude was too gentle from you, I can't bear.

&now I hear you saying to the warriors near
not to cut a tree, or pick a flower or kill an old man
never harm a woman or a kid haunted with fear
¬ to destroy the beauty of the streets as far as they can.

He's too strict with his enemies in the war
Doing his best &more
To achieve his goal which he's created for
Till today, he shines in my life like a star.

He's the sun you see in the day
He's the moon you see at night
He's the pure water you drink from the bay
He's the good model who'll be your guide.

People who want to learn etiquette
It's not by buying cars or expensive robes
It is the way of how a person behaves&copes
So, peace be upon mohammad&his mate.

Your heart is big enough
To love all the people in this world
Your heart is white enough
To forgive all those who offended you in this world
Your mind is wise enough
To solve all the problems of people in this world.

Talking about your virtues never stops
Just like counting the stars on the on the sky face
We keep counting&counting till the night away drops
&the stars fade away without leaving a trace.

but your virtues is digged in our heart
because it exceeded the role of a star shines in a sky
to symbolize a shining planet in which you may represent a part
it has a gravity that attracts you&you ask why!

Simply, we need this planet today
It's atmosphere protects us from the pollution of nature&soul
Where I assure you'll never pay
You'll never suffer pain, scream or for help call.

And what is beauty in comparison to you? !
&who in the world cares more than you do? !
You a deliverance collar to nature
So, listen&learn from the teacher.

Reem Ehab 26 June 2009

Zeinab, ...... I don't know what to say but God Bless You as you deserve it, I see your feelings towards our Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) through this poem. I was so attracted to this poem even from reading its name, I'm so happy for you and your fantastic talent. I'm waiting for more and God Bless You again! ! .

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Omar Ibrahim 20 June 2009

GOD bless u! ! ! i am very happy because i see young fellows like you writing wonderful touching words.......thanks for sharing my friend.... :)

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a great poem for your age. nrration keeps the reader being engaged.10marks

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Kesav Easwaran 19 June 2009

Good narration...flowing style...good awareness poem, Zeinab...i liked the message and morals the poem carries inside...thanks...10

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Carol Gall 19 June 2009

your faith comes shining thru a poem with great impact 10

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 07 November 2013

Oh yes dat great heroic man was our dear God's dear messenger Mustafa s.a.w. U wrote such an aweinspiring tribute to him, wellresearchd into his life. Pls read n coment any my poems too.

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 19 August 2009

the title was already taken because there is a movie of heath ledger that has the same title. But it seems that the content is different and good. The poem is unique in a way

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Ejaz Khan 16 August 2009

Zeinab you are talented and can narrate in a fabulous manner, I'm impressed and believe that one day you'll turn into a great poetess, it would require a hard work but you'll sure succeed. Millions of best wishes for you! Thanks for sharing! You deserve 10

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Bob Eichen 09 July 2009

Once upon a time there was a wondrous poet. That poet is you. Keep up the good work. Bob

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Anthony Edmond John 08 July 2009

Hello Angel, This poem of yours is so sweet and rich with vivid illustration.. I love this one cheers Angel. The Sage Anthony Edmond John

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