Another World Poem by zeinab sherif

Another World

Rating: 5.0

I'm a girl but a unique one
My mind is my own second world
Away from the deeds of devil's son
&close to the world where dreams u can hold
it's the world of magic&fun
where I can never feel bored.

I can touch the sky
I can make a necklace from stars
&my memories never die
in my incedible world of sparks
to pain&torment say goodbye.

my summer is pleasure
&wherever I go below or above
my mind is my treasure
&my heart is a seeker of love.
films r full of magic&illusion but it is interesting 2 live in these worlds, I always wanted 2live in the world of harry potter,2 be harry's best friend&learn the different spells&2 live in an adventure.In which film do u dream 2 live in?

Afzal Shauq 18 June 2009

rich poem too.... always an other world is a fairy world..dream world, world of thoughts.. its also a good poem dear friend... you seem good poet and have command enough to do good poems.. better to write more..and never hesitate in chosing subjects...10++++++++++

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Carol Gall 19 June 2009

i also have other worlds i dream about your poem is great keep living in those words 10

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Omar Ibrahim 20 June 2009

yes u are unique...i see that........umm, , , , , , , i wish to live in (coming to america) .....i wish to live in eddie murphy's african country..hehe

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 20 June 2009

I think everyone has another world in his or her mind. Good poem, Zeinab. Keep writing. Naseer

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Gert Strydom 26 June 2009

We all have our own place in our minds.

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John Mcmanus 10 October 2009

Very good zeinab, I like the blend of words you use here and your poem was a enjoyable read, good work.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 13 September 2009

my summer is pleasure &wherever I go below or above my mind is my treasure &my heart is a seeker of love..oh, zeinabi simply loved it.. beautiful imagination.. it is your world and you are queenadoringthe throne.. you have all wonder command at your disposal.. all magestic style of ordring and asking for all whatever is onearth...oh i loved it along zeinab(her imagination) .....10 pulled from bed..... all dream not come true..... miss i miss you... at cross road..

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Merna Ibrahim 26 August 2009

Great imagination zeinab! ! and Yes the another world is much better than the world which we are living in...! ! keep going girl :) 10+++

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lost is my best Serie and I want to live in their Island... a pleasant world! a deep imagination! ! ! I appreciate your own world... good! ! !

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Doha Ewiess 08 August 2009

were you inside my mind while writing this? ? GREAT piece my dear friend :)

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