An Interview With The Wolf Poem by zeinab sherif

An Interview With The Wolf

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In the dark forest, a big, wild wolf was chasing a gazelle, till the gazelle stopped at a dead end & there were only the gazelle & the wolf:

Gazelle =G wolf =W
G: stop! stop! That's enough! i can't bear any more
I know that u r intelligent &that u know the human nature from it's core
U know what makes him weak &how 2 play by his heart
&that's why in the heart I don't take a part
he didn't appreciate my role, he didn't use me,
he strangled me by using u till I died &his heart died with me, I see!
& relaxe I'm powerless now& no 0ne is on my side
so, leave me breathing & don't cover the remaining light
W: 2 leave u alive? ! Come on! U know I won't do so!
My mission won't be accomplished until u forever go
We can't exist together in one area.
So one of us must struck the other from his bow
&I'm what the people need, I'm what they r seeking for
it's so easy 2 follow me, all what they have 2 do is 2 open the door
&escape from ur strangling instructions, that they couldn't even store
u r hard for them 2 apply, u r an old fashion, u lack the fun
so, I decided 2 study&mislead adam's son
&I learnt the nature of adam&eve from what they have done
I swore 2 turn the world into a hell
&it was so easy 2 catch my preys&fulfill my will
people r stupid, they were waiting for me 2 ring the bell
for their hidden desires&then fall in my trap
2 kill, steal, lie, betray, oppress&their dreams I grab
their faith was only an antique, they didn't polish but immediately slap
they love who hates them&hate who loves them
they r stubborn, they know the wrong&they do,
I used this part&they became addicted, violent &BIM
Guns, blood&kids screaming, I think I deserve 2 win
Any way, what they were going 2 do with u?
ha! what would peace, justice, true love do?
G: &what do u know about peace, justice or true love u adam's foe?
I'm the origin of beauty&I'll survive because I'm the right
&u r the wrong, I'll survive because u r the black&I'm the white

W: in ur dreams.the coming is worse&u can't fight.

G: I can fight&I'll fight for I'm not just a flying kite

& the gazelle stood up & started fighting the wolf. it's a very dangerous battle between good & the end I have a small question:

Afzal Shauq 14 July 2009

what a great and inspiring interview, , , liked it very much..hey Zeinab you are really an intellegent good writer..wonderful..story with a big logic and the way you wrote is short story type..interesting enough..well done..10/10

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an intersting and meaningful story..the good always win as it based on believes and strong bases..well done

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Carol Gall 14 July 2009

interesting battle to win and battle for life

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Kafil Uddin Raihan 14 July 2009

A truth never lay down, your words reflect the fact excellently............

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Lady Grace 14 July 2009

the story ends with question..ok, please send me the answer ha or else i can't sleep thinking who wins..of course, you compose this one and it happened you had interviewed the wolf so, can i have the answer in my inbox? ..thanks in, , here's the flow of my explanation... this story is very smart, very nice..this is written in a very fine style where the characters are not human, i will say..this is very clear that in every fight, good and bad stands as a devil and the other is the good..this is very beautiful..i think, both are intelligent..i can imagine their eyes study every moves they may..., i can read their minds planning tricks just to survive...well, i'll be back after you tell me who wins...grace

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Nooruddeen Mm 10 October 2009

Who will win? You know and of course I too Good write. Rgds Nooruddeen

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Allemagne Roßmann 19 July 2009

Suede, fizzing of bones and WOLVERINE.......i love it...10+

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Jaleel Perinjanam 18 July 2009

you moved up and down Zeinab with mixed feelings. Beautiful, harmonious thoughts and mitigating words. It’s a lovely question dear, who will win? .. I am sure you have an answer that you don’t want to disclose.. I too.. lovely poem... jaleel

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Merna Ibrahim 17 July 2009

The poem is great and talking about a major issue in our era..this is the best poem in your list..i think... I hope the GOOD will win...but according to your question i think God only can give the right answer! ! ! 10++++++++++ Merna

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Sherif Monem 15 July 2009

Very nice poem: I recommend a change: We can't exist together in 'one area' to We can't exist together in 'same place'

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