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They say I live in a fantasy
they say I need to see my doctor
they say I am troubled

A full moon and I

lie and listen all night long -

Het is alweer twee weken geleden
dat we elkaar schreven, verheugd
lentes wevend tot een gedicht

Because I feel that
we still love each other
at a distance, I dare

An upper floor apartment, a square
where I am safe, not to be robbed
from anything, with internet
and a sofa bed

I hear my own voice
it echoes where I live
in the lap of the mountains

When I want to know something, I call

someone from the explanation folks
Strangers are my interpreters

Only experiences count
now that every day matters:
new activities
beauty to the full

Mary was pregnant
with God, a story
can't be more beautiful
and you think of yourself

We were afraid
of getting caught
in the distance the train
to Grantham, here

Looking up to me

for an answer and find it -

What if my words were

written all over my skin --

There are no guest rooms
because the land is too full
for a paradise life

Be careful with Plans:

if you keep altering them --

I cry with misery, inside
I collapse, again, again
I have to fire myself
to hold on

Ik huil van ellende, van binnen
zak ik in elkaar, weer, weer
moet ik mezelf aanvuren
om door te zetten

To take care of you, help
others, perform projects of my own
undisturbed, without being troubled

Europa biedt veel

verleden, maar geen toekomst -

Onder het werk praten we
...zo gaat dat

over wat er anders moet

In distorting mirrors and family photos
I explore the limits of who I am
in company, I let my body roll
my eyes expectantly hidden

The Best Poem Of Zyw Zywa

I Feel My Cuts

They say I live in a fantasy
they say I need to see my doctor
they say I am troubled

.....Some of them don't like me
.....and I don't like me
.....being that girl

.....who hates to look in the mirror
.....but dresses up to catch your eye
.....who is never afraid

.....to make statements
.....to be stubborn, just
.....to be frank, longing

.....to be submissive
.....and to gain the carnal
.....pleasure of my body

.....Yet I'm drowning
.....while waiting for help -
.....it is arranged for next year

They say I lie to myself
they say I am different
than I feel, and I feel

my cuts

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 October 2021

A good hearted poet, whose poems are oft so admirable. Happy to have known you

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 July 2021

Like Prabir Gayen here below said: he enjoys reading your poems and so do I. I know him from Poem Hunter.Com too like I know you. You are a remarkable Dutch Poetess, Zywa Zywa

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Prabir Gayen 23 February 2019

Very talented poet of various subject....I enjoy reading your poems....

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