Lawrence S. Pertillar Expectations Poems

Your Expectations

Once words leave from my mouth to be said,
They are not rehearsed to fit snuggly...
To take into consideration your preferred wishes.
In a way that is expressed to address,

Expectations Of A Hospitality

Let's make this clear,
Between us.
What you wish to do,
At the expense of my time...

With High Expectations To Be Forgiven

It never ceases to amaze me,
How those doers of misdeeds...
Can excuse themselves from them,
So easily.

Do Not Wait For Others To Live Up To Expectations

I've learned a few things...
With time and age.
And what experience brings.

Expectations Not Anticipated

Don't address it.
That's the easiest way,
Something that is needed to be said...
Never gets delivered.

For Their Dreams And Expectations

We do what we do,
Until we don't.
It 'will' be declared finished.
Eventually in time.

I Don'T Sit With Expectations

Nothing that I have given to give,
Do I regard in the giving...
As something I still own.
If I have it to give,

As Expectations Come To Go

As expectations come to go,
Few can bet on what had been selected...
To satisfy what time has realized.

Leaving Behind Any Expectations

I have yet to find it,
Constructive, productive 'or' beneficial...
To offer an opinion, suggestion,
Or solicited advice to anyone who has asked...

Beset With Those Expectations

If it is believed,
The life you live is in need...
Of more love.
More joy and happiness to get.

Expectations Are Too High

If what is believed is so easy.
As it is perceived and rumored to be.
Why do so many express less interest?
To denounce those doing it,

High On Expectations

A kept protected ignorance,
Has proven to be more infectious...
Than the spreading of a virus.
In the midst scientists,

Only Out Of Love No Expectations

There are many living to choose,
Of doing good deeds.
For others without this to ask.
Or expecting to receive,

Reversing Expectations

We all are on the field of battle.
Good versus evil.
Hoping the reversing of expectations,
Beings to eliminate,

Satisfying Expectations Served

What do you think,
About a president so corrupted...
His activities to announce,
Has caused him reason to be impeached.

(high) ...On Expectations

There are those who have a need,
To brag and boast about their abilities.
Mostly embellished to exaggerate.
And accomplished usually unwitnessed.

Seeking A Bridge To Cross With High Expectations

I am not going to be the one,
To declare or call anyone stupid.
I have no proof,

Exceptions And Expectations Awaited

Exceptions and expectations awaited,
Can deflate those believing...
They deserve entitlements served automatically.
Because of who they are, where they live...

Expectations Kept Low

Expectations kept low and enforced to be accepted,
Have those attempting to climb out of holes...
They dug deep to keep mediocrity appealing.

Expectations Existing

Don't get me mixed up with an image fixed.
Or innuendos heard through quick and juicy gossip.
I may feel to feed you with perceptions to believe are real.
But as those perceptions go to fade away,

With Expectations To Be Forgiven

Your stubbornness led you,
To be stuck in quicksand more than once.
With a continued disregard of advice.
And, a disrespect shown to me and others.

Those High Expectations

Fame to wish with fortune to get,
Will never replace the freedom...
Of wanting to lower,
Those high expectations.

Redundant And Unrewarded Expectations

Secret wishes.
Goals of feasting,
Greed exclusively.
Toasting guests,

Expectations Set In Stone

"Those expectations set in stone.
Leave them!
Leave them alone."

Expectations To Demand

People have their pets.
With expectations from them to demand.
Parents raise their children.
With expectations to demand.


Regardless of what affect they leave,
On anyone who has expectations.
Many are left to believe,
Their needs and wishes must first be fulfilled...

Without Expectations

I didn't 'have' to do it!
I just did.

Nothing was promised.
Or gift was I to get.

Heeding The Call To Their Expectations

Initiators, instigators, implementators...
Whatever you want to call people,
Who create their own dilemmas...
With an inviting of rage,

Uninvolved But With Kept Expectations

Few doubters are left sitting on any fence,
Cemented ideals can and will be bulldozed.
And whatever has not been put into practice,

Lowered Expectations

Seeking to be challenged amongst those satisfied,
To have reached the heights of mediocrity...
And lowered expectations,
Is not a healthy mental environment to express...

High Expectations

Those with high expectations,
Would not be noticed...
If the ones with low self esteem,
Chose with a choosing done...

Exploration Of Expectations

Exploration of expectations,
Without one explanation done.
Can be difficult to comprehend,
For those wishing a hand to hold...

Tolerance. Patience And Expectations

Few and often less,
Will await with kept patience.
If at all to have this left.
Would be found sitting,

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