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The most unwanted feeling,
which shatters our entire life.
Heart is grumbling and bubbling,
with a shallow feeling of restless type.

Going through the heaps of pain,
I found the support of your hands.
Before my efforts fall in drain,
on your mercy I always depend.

Relations are somehow refined,
to some boundaries they are confined.
Opening the gates we will find,
many new are waiting with blissful kind.

Sometimes, it is better,
to remain silent and observe.
God is there to recover,
and reward whatever we deserve.

A brother like you,
is a boon for me.
A friend like you,
is a support for me.

Gone are the memories of rock on.
Now, the memories are only to mourn.
Discarding the past, the next will born,
whatever it happens, the show must go on.

After my dispatch from the worldly life,
things are almost to be fine.
For my lovely creations, I am still alive,
and they talk with the twinkling stars shine.

There is a great confusion in life cycle,
when changes occur time to time.
Where sometimes the same thing we have to recite,
because our entire life is a rhyme.

AAina jo dekhun,
to ghunghat na uthaaun,
bahaar jo niklun,
to wapas chal aaun.

When the world ignores you,
showing a silly reason.
Our heart tends to argue,
with a valid explanation.

Dear God, was it your decision,
to place me in such situation?
Where every desire needs permission,
imprisoned me with silent agitation.

Seeing just a funny face,
a child laughs flawlessly.
Seeing the innocence in the race,
inspires to see life differently.

With the holy chants of your name,
I want to purify my soul.
The worldly pleasures and fake fame,
sounds and smells always foul.


Mushkilon ki galiyon me,
kahin kho gai h teri ye nanhi si jaan.
Ab maa tu hi batlaa,
zindagi tujhse dur qn nahin asaan.

The moment we are in great tension,
when the subject is related to our education.
When the time to get result of examination,
everyone shivers out of trepidation.

The Indian culture is very sound,
it is based upon the family background.
The bond of their relationship is such found,
that we can smell the presence like the hounds.

A prized possession,
is the teaching profession.
Sometimes some confusion,
and sometimes a clear definition.

Lost in the speed of Metro,
Can't find time for oneself.
The mind reacts in the type of stereo,
Calling the home town for help.

Some get utmost pleasure,
by uttering words of rough.
They used to have strength major,
in doing job so tough.

I live in a society,
which seems to be full of traditions.
Where customs are primary,
and humanity is a confused junction.

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The most unwanted feeling,
which shatters our entire life.
Heart is grumbling and bubbling,
with a shallow feeling of restless type.

Things could have been better,
if the mistake wouldn't have happened.
Relations could have been stronger,
if the right decision would have been taken.

I don't know up to what period,
this feeling will accompany me.
The situation is so weird,
slowly the poison is killing me.

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In bekaraar aankhon ko, aapki ek nazar mil jaaye. Aur jab nazrein dono ki mile, to ye humaari adat ban jaaye. Hum zulm v aapki sahen, aur muhobbat v aapse karen. Ye iltejaa meri, humesha ki ibadad ban jaaye.

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