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07 October 2018

In bekaraar aankhon ko, aapki ek nazar mil jaaye. Aur jab nazrein dono ki mile, to ye humaari adat ban jaaye. Hum zulm v aapki sahen, aur muhobbat v aapse karen. Ye iltejaa meri, humesha ki ibadad ban jaaye.

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God- You Are The One

Going through the heaps of pain,
I found the support of your hands.
Before my efforts fall in drain,
on your mercy I always depend.

The authority with purity,
justify my innocence with clarity.
I often search you with curiosity,
to thank for saving my dignity.

It's so easy to be cruel,
but without reason is really hell.
How can someone tolerate this?
praying for death is resulting wish.

How strong is the telepathy,
why don't others feel as you do?
Why not others having sympathy?
can't they see my pain with your view

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abhipsa panda Popularity

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