Aids Orphans Poem by Alf Hutchison

Aids Orphans

Rating: 5.0

Should the young children
Suffer for our sin,
Does it not grip your trembling
Heart within,

Most folk now are hard of heart,
Oblivious of their plight,
“It’s not my fault, nor can I help
It’s really not my fight”.

Statistics on their plight we read;
Of millions dying every year,
Dying, hungry, naked and alone.
Does mankind really care.

If all the orphaned children,
Were laid side by side;
They’d circumnavigate the globe;
A highway ten feet wide.

Shashendra Amalshan 23 October 2009

Very Powerful poem indeed.It is a great plight that not only the sinner but also the people around him have to suffer for his or her evil deeds. That is a great plight indeed. Thanks for writing this poem. Your pen can be used as a humane weapon to tackle evil that rules the modern world. But I always believe that words alone do not put an end to such plagues. We have to put those words in to action! ! I mean these days politicians do make grand eloquent speeches, yet they never really put those words in to action. Therefore not only we have to write and ask questions, but also time is ripe to be united and counter these evil, so that the future of the human kind will be blessed with a world with out demons.. This is a great write..10++ Cheers Shan

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Eyan Desir 24 October 2009

Well written but life isn't fair remember that ok

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Marieta Maglas 24 October 2009

wonderful sad realistic poem about orphans, very well written, thank you for sharing...10+++

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Alf Hutchison 24 October 2009

well written poem best regards Mari

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Alf Hutchison 24 October 2009

Thanks Alf, I will do so. Have just returned from a three day trip to rural clinics with 2 colleagues. Aids is rife, so I shall be reading your write with interest. Regards Cindy

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Reshma Ramesh 03 November 2009

great poem with a great message..........may god bless them!

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Ken E Hall 30 October 2009

Kind of you to bring the attention this awful plight so big in its scope and so so sad....... actions must happen words fall on deaf ears Thanks for the read regards Been away from the computer for a week on hols.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 28 October 2009

Hi Alf. another poem that points to the failures of mankind. My heart bleeds for all humanity because there's not enough love for the underprivileged and poor of the world.We just have to love all humanity and we will not have all the problems we're having now. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt poem. a 10++++>>>>>.

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Sandra Martyres 28 October 2009

A heart rending piece Alf, you are right to draw the attention of people to the sad fate of these unfortunate children...10

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Louis Rams 27 October 2009

again we are on the same page. i wrote one called the 'orphanage' which i had posted last week. excellent! thank you for sharing this with all of us. another triple ten

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