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Are you still there in the shadows
Beyond edge of heaven
Waiting for the bells
Sigh of god

Rage from a distant
The name unfamiliar
In the nights of old I always wished
In the longest year that had me down

Nothing want from you but death
You ask me why
Will answer nothing again but death

If you want me to be
I will just be.
If you want me not to be
I still shall be.

To my beloved and her lost grave
Emerald eyes of her over to save
Me, nothing more to be say

Again no remorse or sorrow
No scream of butterflies for tomorrow
No words of motion
No glances of emotion

Deceit of life so sweet to swallow
Bones of lost souls
So bitter to swallow
Me, the world and me again

I saw your shaft on the water
So empty was the depth
I touched the beauty
Which was torn in me

I gaze at the silent walls
It reminds me all the bloody halls

Oak of time
Herbs of sorrow
Fables of lost
Vessels of morrow

A season of virginity
In your black eyes
Come to kill the demons

Seasons ov mist begun
All hope
So fragile but somberly
Is gone.

First yellow leaves to touch,
Too crippled to see.
I in solitary refinement much
To see if there is even tree.

The curtain so soft
Move like a ghost at night
Maybe he is right
To be ghost

Nailed to thee cross ov love
Embittered amid thee scenes
With unfathomable form ov how
see dying bride by any means

When you left me here
with no tears,
I thought I will be released
With no fears.

To Lost the living love,
Be dead to know.

Thou art heavy with thine voice
No path for me, no even choice
I behold thine windy face
To beg thou hold me, grace

Amir Foroughi Biography

Having grown in misery and pain, I continued to fulfill my desires by writing my own emotions and screams.And I will do it till the end of days. But I have found something new to carry me on. I have changed a lot. I hope my readers will love my new version of insight. My metamorphosis...)

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Are you still there in the shadows
Beyond edge of heaven
Waiting for the bells
Sigh of god
Are you still there?
I can’t even see you
Hallucination is my grace
See you ever smiling
Is my eternal face
Are you still there?
Sorrow shall not serenade
Harbinger of happy days
Are you still there?
My fallen angel
You not say farewell
Not rise out of dark hell
Waiting for the starlit
Are you still there?
Wondering ever made scars
Will evaporate from my face
Cleansing or baptizing the bloody pagan trace
Are you still there?
Concealed heart is my temple
Doom idols shall praise you not you
Are you still there?
I see you the last dream
Fog of black arcane sages
One last kiss
Are you still there?
Are you still there?

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Unwritten Soul 09 October 2011

Dark melancholic melody is your expertise, the tunes you tweet, flame all heart with frozen feeling, Sweet and deep. I can see all poems of yours have that...Sorrow of past and morrow your original poems hold..I wonder if you can sing a happier song like changing from night to morning, fighting of dark mourning..A talent that you hold should inspire more good way in you to break out all brokenness and be a shine for others to follow.. Amir my friend, for amazing poetry hand you have i wish you all the best and writing with no end..The journey is in your palm, open for new way of poetry and life for brighter. A gift should be appreciated.. Dark melancholic singer, it's time to sing new song by your hand..Writing more Amir! Wish you all the best_Unwritten Soul

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p.a. noushad 11 September 2009

interesting presentation of the subject.

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