His Self-Centered Love- (He Speaks) Poem by Angelic(Annie) Female

His Self-Centered Love- (He Speaks)

Rating: 5.0

I’ll impressively steal your heart and mind,
With my witty charm and mysteries masked.
I’ll possess your dreams and mystical visions,
Your intensified desires, haunted distractions

I am in control of your soul’s ambiance,
To me who’ve harmed, you are vengeance.
I am your blinded perfection personified,
All this coz, for you i crazily fantasized.

You are the queen of hearts so emotional,
You are simplistic, sympathetic and sensual.
But darling, my love, please don’t fall for me,
You know i'm not the right one for eternity.

For me the world is practical and enormous,
Discoveries and curiosity is forever my bliss.
I’ll love no other, i'll assure you that though,
Allow me sweetheart, i have places yet to go!


This elaboration was necessary....: -)

I'm the poet, and this write is about a female who’s donned the thinking/imaginative cap of her selfish male lover.

Ist stanza- A selfish male who completely ‘steals’ this female of her love, attention and sympathy with his fake and vivacious charm. Just because he fancied her (mind you!)

2nd stanza- She’s blinded under his spell for she can even avenge his wrong doers!

3rd stanza- Very obviously there is something exceptional that she possesses, to have him fancy her the most from all. That’s how I described it. He knows he has places to go and explore and warns her of her intentions of wanting him for eternity (wedlock or to herself) . He has his intentions clear though...

4th- He’s not under her spell; she is, so he moves on with his curiosity for this practical huge world he still wants to explore. See his audacity when he wants to hold on to her, as well as life's other offerings. She has no choice……..


superbly done and brilliantly written! all in all.. amazing!

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anurag duggal 08 May 2009

angelic femaly thy poetry is angelic as well i get goose pimple reading line like i am ur perfection personified

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Afzal Hussain 07 May 2009

So profound and so well said...

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Shekhar Joshi 28 May 2009

not really sure, u will love no other...that's wht the partner must b thinking excellent poem

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Obinna Eruchie 21 May 2009

a creative effort, well done.

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Dr Kamran Haider 18 May 2009

Really written with purity of soul... wonderful style and genuine composition... Beautiful...

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Surya . 12 May 2009

a learners anxiety to discover the world.very nice.posted 10 surya

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Malini Kadir 10 May 2009

he speaks well through you.....loved your idea and write

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