If You Should Return To Me Poem by Angelic(Annie) Female

If You Should Return To Me

Rating: 4.3

I am so deeply regretful;
Why aren't you so grateful?
The person whom ti's written for;
Should melt with my streaming tears;
Should return to me with remorse;
Together we will build, with love;
Mansions and empires...

But it's sad because;
What love is, knows not he;
It's oceans full of emotions;
It's pain and power to sacrifice;
It's a love that knows no bounds;
A true lover only understands;
That true love's within me...

Surya . 14 May 2009

u have given the answer in the poem. educate ur friend.nice poem.voted 10 surya

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Bradley Lester 10 May 2009

A very powerful poem about love and anger and hope....keep up the good work

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Reshma Ramesh 10 May 2009

well thought out and well penned!

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Emily Oldham 10 May 2009

wow, this poem is so beautiful. I love it, thanks Athena *** words will change the world ***

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Catrina Heart 10 May 2009

love that knows no bounds; a true lover only understands; that true love's within me... ------- eloquently penned...lovely and heart touching poem....Thanks! ! !

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Christian Navarro 09 January 2010

true...true... the tone is beautiful and it is heartfelt

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Why not return to me.....oh so beautiful..... read mine miss, i miss u

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Jess Deaves 02 June 2009

i thought this was a really well written poem and came straight from the heart with deep emotion. well done!

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Reshma Ramesh 31 May 2009

hmmmm nice one there

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true words about true love..well done

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