The Clouds Of Remorse Poem by Angelic(Annie) Female

The Clouds Of Remorse

Rating: 5.0

The clouds of remorse are hovering over my skies;
Leaving my eyes moistened with tears, breathless sighs;
They’ve come by again to sadden me with their showers;
The thundering of its tempests to my mind, overpowers.

An impulsive emotion instigates me to a drastic step;
Maybe the world would miss me, if myself, I give up;
But it’s my dreams and hopes that’s to be self-sacrificed;
Coz the book of my life is a mere slumber, un-awakened.

Faran Khalid 31 May 2009

Excellent keep it up 10 pluss

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Reshma Ramesh 31 May 2009

can feel the sadness.....well penned

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Shekhar Joshi 28 May 2009

nothing is gained by remorse or repentence.Its not worth anything. beautiful liness and a greatly expressive poem excellent

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Shashendra Amalshan 28 May 2009

well I feel like that too sometimes...i mean i feel life is not worth living..feels bad too..... 'Cradling stones hold fire bright As crickets call out to the moonlight As you lean in to steal a kiss I'll never need more than this We all share the pain of our histories But the ache goes away if you could see This night under stars, well, I call it peace If you say, I'll never need more than this' this is a song by Vanessa Carlton, my favourite vocalist..I try to think like that..but it s easier said than done though 10+++

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Sathyanarayana M V S 28 May 2009

Lot of depth of emotion and feelings. Very well penned. Disappointments in life one day will turn into true joys. Failures are stepping stones of success.

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Saadat Tahir 03 July 2009

great run of ideas woven into similies and nature superb...strong emotive well done cheers

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let clouds appear and cause a pain..... good poem dear

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Kesav Easwaran 03 June 2009

Saddening thoughts...presented imaginatvely...clouds/ moistening tears/showers/tempest- word usage provides excellent connectivity to the theme inside...emotions storming off...good work...Angel...10

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 01 June 2009

Keep the dreams and hopes alive even the clouds of remorse are there all over the sky. Sad and beautiful poem with good flow of words and thoughts. Best Wishes Naseer

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Fiona Davidson 31 May 2009

lovely write the flow through it...10+++

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