Ann Beard

Veteran Poet - 1,105 Points [Roan B] (1944 / London. UK)

Ann Beard Poems

1. The School Of Sleep 11/18/2008
2. I Won, T Tell A Soul. 11/16/2010
3. The Pike River Mine. 12/29/2010
4. Remember Being There 5/29/2011
5. Inquisitive Clown. (N.Z Kea) 6/22/2012
6. The Reunion 5/20/2014
7. Dear Toetoe (Nz Tall Feathery Grass) 10/7/2015
8. State Of Mind 10/22/2015
9. The Passing Of A Friend 5/24/2016
10. A Mask. 7/1/2016
11. Death. 5/1/2011
12. A Young Poet 10/18/2009
13. Neither I, Nor The Spider 8/5/2011
14. Every Soul 12/9/2012
15. Memory Laid To Rest 11/16/2016
16. This Tired Old Heart 2/21/2016
17. Not Listening 6/21/2009
18. The Middle Eye 9/27/2009
19. Mr Cool. (Monty 1st Jan1995 - 4th Aug.2009) 1/2/2009
20. Somewhere A Child Will Die. 11/9/2008
21. Alone, With The Passing Of Time 6/3/2013
22. Being Loved 1/8/2014
23. Morpheus Son Of Sleep. 3/29/2013
24. Where Poems Belong. 8/10/2012
25. Times Hungry Spender 8/24/2008
26. Blueness 9/8/2012
27. All The Gods 6/28/2012
28. Another, S Heart 10/29/2007
29. The Ocean Makes Love To The Shore. 6/29/2015
30. A Hunters Coat. 4/20/2009
31. Far Away 11/6/2009
32. Tarah, S Dollhouse 6/8/2009
33. My Words 3/12/2008
34. A Nightmare. 2/26/2008
35. Silence In The Cemetery. 6/7/2009
36. Such Ignorance 11/22/2015
37. Textbook Love 10/15/2015
38. Such Promise. 3/14/2015
39. Gaze Upon The Rose (Ambridge English Rose) 3/23/2015
40. The Ties That Bind 3/9/2008
Best Poem of Ann Beard

A Letter To My Dad

If I could write a letter to my Dad.
I’d ask him, are you watching over me?
Seeing through my eyes the life, I’ve had.
Translating all the worldly sights, I see.

If I could put a question to my Dad
I’d ask him are you always at my side
The centre of my soul is very sad
Starting from the day they said you died.

If I could put my arms around my Dad
I’d ask him how to bare the wrath of men
Who, acting in the name of a religion,
kill without regret and feed on mayhem.

If I could just but walk beside my Dad
I’d ask him, was it hard to leave ...

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Our world forever changes every second every day.
Nothing halts the pass of time; old age will have its way.
each mighty cliff or ancient tree will suffer the same fate
life seems just an experiment, a transitory state.

The planet earth its fertile soil, the mysteries of heaven,
all forever changing in more ways known to man.
From the wonder of first breath to surrender of the last,
Time becomes the enemy devours all moments past.

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