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A Letter To My Dad - Poem by Ann Beard

If I could write a letter to my Dad.
I’d ask him, are you watching over me?
Seeing through my eyes the life, I’ve had.
Translating all the worldly sights, I see.

If I could put a question to my Dad
I’d ask him are you always at my side
The centre of my soul is very sad
Starting from the day they said you died.

If I could put my arms around my Dad
I’d ask him how to bare the wrath of men
Who, acting in the name of a religion,
kill without regret and feed on mayhem.

If I could just but walk beside my Dad
I’d ask him, was it hard to leave this earth.
did he shed the cares of loosing all he had
as, thought fell dormant, waiting for rebirth.

If I could just remember my Dad.
One memory, no matter how small
Of a special time of bonding that we had
But I can’t, it’s like he never was at all.

(Roan Jan.2006)

Comments about A Letter To My Dad by Ann Beard

  • Tracy Craighead (2/26/2016 1:04:00 AM)

    Ann-This is so touching. The loss of the memories and or not having time to create those lasting moments, questions that won't be answered, Thank you for this poem. (Report)Reply

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  • Abdulrazak Aralimatti (10/15/2015 7:18:00 PM)

    Verily, a heart touching poem, ........10 (Report)Reply

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  • Melvina Germain (8/7/2015 11:32:00 PM)

    This poem touched my soul, thank you for sharing this Ann..... (Report)Reply

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  • Kim Barney (12/15/2014 4:51:00 PM)

    A lovely poem. I believe our loved ones are permitted to be with us and watch over us sometimes. My own father lived to be 86 but my mother only made it to 44.
    Thank you for sharing this poem with us.

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  • Ann Beard (4/28/2011 11:50:00 PM)

    Thank you Claudia, very nice. Loosing a father is hard at any age you obviously have some lovely memories. regards Ann (Report)Reply

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  • Claudia Krizay (4/27/2011 5:19:00 PM)

    Hi Ann- Great poem - I want to personally share with you a poem I wrote about my dad-
    the feelings are similar-

    My Father’s Garden

    I remember my father as being a warm person-
    A strong man in many ways always working hard so that
    My mother and I could have the very best-
    He passed so many years ago but
    I can still hear his laughter, and recall his gentleness-
    As he was always there for me-
    I still can see him working in his garden
    At the time we lived close to the shores of Carmel –
    I can still hear the leaves upon the trees rustling in the wind,
    And the peaceful rocking of the ocean waves
    Soothing me as they were lapping upon the shore close by-
    I will never forget the joy the flowers he had planted
    Brought to him, my mother and I,
    As he seemed to be lost inside a world of his own,
    Transforming a yard where at one time only high grasses grew
    Into a kingdom of color and beauty for everyone to perceive-
    I shall never forget the rose bushes-
    Yellow, pink and red blossoms in their colorful hues
    Enlightening to everyone’s eyes, as they were, and fragrant as well,
    In all of their delicacy;
    My father passed years ago- - a terminal illness snatched away
    This wonderful being – tears still come to my eyes in past memories- as
    I cannot comprehend that if a god exists-
    How could he have snatched life away so quickly from
    A person who had such a zest for life?
    I shall never forget the moment he died, how my uncle
    Sat upon a chair in the bathroom with his head in his hands weeping
    When my father fell to the floor at his death-
    Although he has parted from this world forever, fond memories continue-
    People always die but flowers keep growing and live on.
    Yesterday I cut a pink rose from a bush in the yard and
    Placed it in a small vase upon the end table by my bed side and
    As I drifted off to sleep this delicate and lovely flower carried me
    Into the world of my fantasies- where my father is still with me always, and
    I still feel his loving arms embracing me; I can still hear the rustling of
    Leaves upon the trees outside, and I still hear the waves lapping upon the shore
    And even though in flesh he is gone-
    Departed from this world, he has left valuable reminiscences for me to treasure;
    Whenever I stand in his garden I can still feel his presence, as in my
    Heart and spirit, he shall always be very much alive….

    Claudia Krizay

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  • Dickson Mseti (4/26/2010 4:04:00 AM)

    believe me Ann tears on my chicks as i was imagining the true picture. (Report)Reply

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  • (5/10/2009 7:42:00 PM)

    And now you have made me cry.
    Your poem has provoked images of my own father of whom I have fond memories. I am sure that our parents do walk with us through life. No matter how old we are (You and I are the same age) we are still their children.
    Love & hugs Irene

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  • Marilyn Lott (2/2/2009 5:27:00 PM)

    A very sad poem, Ann. I was lucky to have had my dad for many years. My son and daughter, however weren't so lucky. My daughter was 14 when he died and my son only 6. Just broke my heart for them. My son has only a vew memories, unfortunately. A '10! '

    Warm Wishes,

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  • (1/17/2009 12:31:00 AM)

    a lovely poem...realy touching 10 (Report)Reply

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  • David Lewis Paget (1/15/2009 5:47:00 PM)

    That's very sad, Ann. My own father was very dear to me, and I find it difficult to understand how those people must feel who didn't manage to continue a relationship with their fathers on into adult life and beyond. I was 42 when my own father died, and it was without doubt, the worst day of my life. We think of all the questions we should have asked, but didn't, all the reassurance of love and affection that we should have expressed, but didn't - until it was too late. A sad piece.

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  • Meggie Gultiano (1/14/2009 5:14:00 AM)

    it brought tears to my eyes, whenever there is a piece about a father. My father loves me very much and when he died, i stop breathing, Until now i still miss him..Glad i was able to read this.Thank you so much for sharing.
    Love and hugs,

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  • (12/13/2008 3:26:00 PM)

    Ann, this struck a chord with me... I had a love-hate relationship with my own dad but when he died I realised that he actually wasn't the worse. So many family and friends in the world pass on before reconciliations can be made. Thank you. (Report)Reply

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  • PERSIAN NIGHTINGALE (12/5/2008 12:16:00 PM)

    a touching poem, thanks for sharing (Report)Reply

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  • (8/19/2008 7:04:00 AM)

    Good memories....though faint.....may yet be clear! Please read 'Is Not...Perception...Reality.' (Report)Reply

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  • (6/16/2008 6:14:00 PM)

    What a wonderful tribute to your dad. This one made me feel good.


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  • (4/10/2008 1:18:00 AM)

    My heart reaches out to you Ann, I knew my Dad, i loved him unconditionaly! he was my Dad! i would love to have my children think of me like i do of my Father ! maybe one out of three aint bad! -- (Report)Reply

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  • (3/31/2008 4:58:00 PM)

    I was lucky my Dad lived to ninety eight although he was a big miss when he chose to go.My Mam dies when i was very small so my meories of her are very hazy (Report)Reply

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  • (3/31/2008 7:55:00 AM)

    This poem brought tears to my eyes.
    Even though I am now a great grandmother I still reach out for my Dad when things are not going too well.

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  • (3/14/2008 4:30:00 AM)

    This very touching^poem does honour to your sentiments. Your Dad would have been proud of you. Thank you. (Report)Reply

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