The Winds Of Borrowed Time Poem by Ann Beard

The Winds Of Borrowed Time

Rating: 5.0

As darkness falls I drift towards a warm drowsy state,
and slumber vows to suffocate all darkest fears of fate.
My mind releases from all bonds of social sanity,
gaily dancing among memories, of what used to be.

There’s contentment riding winds of borrowed time,
I can hug and talk to many people, once friends of mine.
Witness times of youthful mischief, scene by scene
recall my mortal life as through a wondrous dream.

To stay like this for ever would be pure delight,
to never witness loss or pain, never know of sorrow
time would pass regardless, day would end with night.
But what a loss to never know tomorrow

To forgo the simple beauty of a pebble in a brook,
worn smooth by time and water, so hard to overlook.
To be blind to brilliant colours of a single dying leaf
that weakly clings in fear of falling, life so brief.

Morning brings me consciousness, reality awakes,
I’m reminded of my age with the old familiar aches.
But still I have to smile. I am alive and in my prime,
with a mind that rides the winds of borrowed time

Roan June 2007

Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi 18 January 2008


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Alison Smith 09 July 2007

Nice imagery... well presented... Alison

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Francesca Johnson 06 July 2007

I was attracted to the title in the first place. But reading the poem I found something even more beautiful, something mystical and reflecting on past times with a mixture of sighs and smiles. Sensual and most readable, Ann, and I must put this one into my favourites. I enjoyed it immensely. Love, Fran xxx

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A beautiful flowing poem capturing love and sings to me as it romps down the page, and I relate so well to the borrowed time aspect. Thank you for this lovely poem. 10 love Karin

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Saadat Tahir 25 May 2009

My mind releases from all bonds of social sanity, gaily dancing among memories, of what used to be. awesome ann only old aged wine could taste that well...the timber...the body the aroma the sweet ness and the fine mulbery blend great poetry sad dont have more then ten cheers

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Laurie Hill 19 May 2009

What a very beautiful written poem. The thoughts, , contentment riding winds of borrowed time....wonderful.and ''But what a loss to never know tomorrow'' beautifully sad....A wonderful write Ann....10+..and..thankyou

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Very beautiful poem.i lovethe title and your wonderful verse carried through.makes me more grateful for happy memories and the pictured images lasting in my mind.I gave you a ten.

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Duncan Wyllie 30 January 2008

For now I will simply say that this is a wonderful poem, a poem of strength and of beauty, What a gift you have! All the best Love duncan X

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