Come Close. Poem by Ann Beard

Come Close.

Rating: 5.0

Come close. I will show you my heart.
do not fret if you feel me shiver.
of all that is human the most fragile part.
it will ripple and gush like a river.

It will beat to the rhythm of steady flight
the darkness feeds well on anxiety
Causing breath to battle a grip so tight
bringing doubt to a moment, s impiety

You can touch, feel how soft and warm
caressed by the years of love it has known.
Unbeaten by every emotional storm,
or empty nest when a fledgling has flown.

Come close. I will show you my heart
it is worn and fragile bears many a scar.
Tears moisten protecting the finest part,
the core where all my best memories are.

Roan Apr.2008

C. P. Sharma 07 October 2008

Come close, I shall unlock my heart Of all sweet sour memories' cart.

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Andrew Blakemore 28 April 2008

A really beautiful poem Ann, very touching. Best wishes, Andrew x

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David Desantis 23 April 2008

whoa, i could really feel the rhythm...beautiful poem, you are quite the poet! And the heart theme with the constant beat...everything flowed perfectly! !

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Dr.subhendu Kar 23 April 2008

yet the story when unveiled by wonders teemed of love, anger, sorrow and mirth altogether and that is the life with which we still move by the years..............well penned,10/10, thanks for sharing

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Greenwolfe 1962 22 April 2008

The structure of a poem doesn't get any better than this. It had a nice connective flow to it that made it a most satisfying read. Well done. GW62

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Ivor Hogg 10 May 2009

This is poets poetry M lady

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Laurie Hill 11 April 2009

A beautiful write from a beautiful heart, that is what shines through...10+

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Sonya Florentino 17 January 2009

And a beautiful heart it is.

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Eddie Larkin 13 December 2008

A lovely personal story told in your poem.

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Thad Wilk 02 December 2008

Hi Ann! A delightful read, you have shown your heart at it finest in this poem, from the very core - Where all th' memories are.... Best wishes! *10*! ! Friend Thad

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