A Kiss. Poem by Ann Beard

A Kiss.

Rating: 5.0

A kiss, becomes a pact between two souls,
penetrating barriers that shy doubt patrols.
for surely not one earthly joy exists,
to bring such utter comfort like a kiss.

The softest kiss will land upon a child
Who’s smile turns all but stone soft and mild
Like some fragile petals gloriously strewn
to lightly dust the surface of our moon.

The sweetest kiss, well placed, lingers tenderly
be worth a mothers life if gifted son or daughterly
It is sensitive, uniquely shaped to seal
So each will recognise the love they feel.

Young lips that shyly meet to bruise in passion
colour’s plum, all senses erstwhile ashen.
Flesh that swells to lure, to tempt, to promise
Shares mortal fear with every doubting Thomas

Loyal lips will flutter, face to face with death.
The final kiss, departing in another’s last breath.
Searching for tranquillity a place to rest a while
Until once more they can return, welcome in a babies smile.

There is untold magic in a kiss

Roan copyright © Dec.2008

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 26 December 2008

Ann, i can't think of a single base you failed to cover, in your very vivid depiction of the many reasons why we are compelled to place a kiss on someone....very inventive & heart-warm theme, indeed! As per usual, you never disappoint! FjR

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Thad Wilk 23 December 2008

Such a lovely poem Ann! Another delightful work of art thank you! ! *10*! Best wishes! And Merry Christmas to you & your family! ! ! Friend Thad

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this is perfect in everyway.. reminds me of my piece called, Sacrifice fo rUs. plz take a look

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Eddie Larkin 29 December 2008

Hi Ann, this is so beautifully and tenderly written and worth a 10... well done. Eddie.

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Andrew Blakemore 27 December 2008

This is a beautiful piece of work Ann, so tenderly written. Best wishes, Andrew x

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Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 29 November 2014

There is untold magic in a kiss An excellent poem intervoven between idea of kiss of life to kiss of death.This untold magic of kiss has been told in a plain and straightforward manner.Very well expressed.10/10 Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

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Dr Antony Theodore 20 May 2010

you have real experience in kissing.. nice to read. kiss from the child to death. different levels of life and l ove you have portayes in ur poem. thank u for sharing

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Laurie Hill 06 August 2009

So very tender....So very beautifully written......

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 08 April 2009

magic indeed gets us all in a trance u amazing

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Marilyn Lott 22 January 2009

Your poem describes the many kinds of emotions that a kiss brings and it is done so artfully, Ann. Wonderful - a '10! ' Best Wishes, Marilyn

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